Sunday, 13 May 2007

For He's a Jolie Good Fellow

Mme Suicide has just chastised me for being slightly critical of Brad Pitt in the last post.
Not because she is a fan of his, ..oh no.

But because I am!

I turn to her to query this accusation..
"Whatchoo talking 'bout Willis?" I say, not unkindly.
"You're a Brad Pitt fan." Says she.
"How d'ya work that one out?" I retort.
"See that shelf where you keep your favourite DVD's?"
"I do indeed madame"
"Well it's full of Brad Pitt movies.." she growls, somewhat triumphantly.

"Name one?" challenges Yours Truly....

So she does... Actually, she names more than one:

Interview With The Vampire - Shit! this has got Tom Cruise in as well!
Fight Club - Utter class, but it's an Ed Norton all the way.
Oceans Eleven - Sucker for a caper movie, me
Seven - Fincher again- he can do no wrong (except maybe Panic Room)
Twelve Monkeys - IT'S A TERRY GILLIAM FILM!"
True Romance - Whatever happened to Slater and Arquette? Excellent!
The Devils Own - Just kidding, fucking dreadful film.

Ok there's a good few more DVD's on that shelf without him, but I had to concede she had a point.

I learned today that Mr Pitt has just gone into production with a vehicle called Chad Schmidt.
The premise of this film is that Chad is trying to make it as an actor in the eighties, but keeps having his thunder stolen by an up and coming actor called Brad Pitt, with whom he bears a passing resemblance.
Our hero plays both Chad and Brad. He obviously didn't read the cuttings regarding Julia Robert's "playing herself" plot device in Ocean Twelve... Good luck with that one Chad.

Anyway, I wasn't that critical of him. Just sick of his salesmans face and wrist.


Gwen said...

So are you are a secret admirer of Brad, trying to cover it up with criticisms in your posts? At this point I would be stroking my beard reflectively - if I had one to stroke.

The Chad/Brad Film idea sounds inexcusable. He should be struck off the Guild of Actors for involvement in an idea like that.

Rich said...

I think it's called a 'man crush'.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I have always thought that Brad Pitt looks like a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig.

Valentine Suicide said...

That's obviously at the root of my 'man crush'. I have pig and chicken lust! Help!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Oh my word. It's 'Animal Farm' come to life.

Gwen said...

Ah the lure of the farmyard. Sometimes it can all be too much for a man and he becomes quite overtaken.