Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thanks Gwen...!

I have been tagged by Gwen to reveal eight 'interesting' facts about myself. I couldn't let this go without adding a little twist of my own. So in finest Word tradition (sorry Rob) enjoy the below...but one of them is false.

I have never owned a mobile phone.

I once received an email from Richard Pryor

I have Jim Davidson's autograph.

I am a none practising catholic, and attended a convent school as a child.

Nick Nieland, the olympic javelin thrower, is my cousin

I had twelve teeth taken out, all in one go, as a child.

The first concert I attended was Showaddywaddy at Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

I have a mild obsession with headphones (and earbuds)..oh.. and radios..oh and fruitcake.

Gwen, you asked that I pass this one to eight other Blogs, and I beg to be excused by the powers of the Blogosphere. You got some of the people in my immediate circle. The only person I can think of is Andrew Collins, but he's already encumbered the world with three volumes of things we didn't know about him!


Cursed Tea said...

who has Jim Davidson's autograph????? ... is that it? is that it????

Me encumbered also

Best Wishes

Gwen said...

The Powers of the Blogosphere have spoken and on this occasion you are excused the task of passing on this Tag. However, as penance you must attend a Showaddywaddy concert and join the band in a rendition of Under the Moon of Love dressed as a Teddy Boy.

PS - is the false fact the e mail from Richard Pryor?

Kelly said...

My money's on the twelve teeth...surely children have less teeth than that altogether?

Valentine Suicide said...

The winner is Kirrrrrrsty!!!

She wins a working holiday for one in New Orleans. Effective immediately.

Valentine Suicide said...

PS - Yes, I did recieve an email from Richard Pryor. I sent him a congratulations email when they re-released RP Live in Concert a few years back, he sent a "Thanks man" reply. He was probably stalking me..

I did have twelve teeth out, aged about 10, under general anesthetic. Apparently I had way too many...

Gwen, I am both attracted and repulsed by the idea of doing your Showaddywaddy thing. I'll let you know which side wins. I'm not sure I fancy wearing drapes and crepes. I've only just got comfortable in this pirate costume...

Ishouldbeworking said...

You'd LIKE to have Jim Davidon's autograph, though, wouldn't you?

Valentine Suicide said...

Depends. Are you prepared to lower your price?

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'll chuck in Roy "Chubby" Brown's as well, for a pony. Or a monkey. Or whichever is most.