Thursday, 21 June 2007

Blimey! Everyone's Doing It
, ever the sheep, I will too.

A List of Gigs I can Remember Attending by V. Suicide (aged 41)

Showaddywaddy x 2 (yes, I liked them that much)
Gary Numan
The Human League (They were number one, it was Christmas...Magic)
Simply Red x 2 (I have no idea! There were girls involved, I was young and foolish!!)
The Police
Crowded House
Prince x 2
Shed 7
Tim Finn
Hothouse Flowers x 2
Phoenix Festival (Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, The Fall)
David Sylvian (very strange, good though)
Ron Sexsmith (He was on a 1 foot high stage in front of a crowd of 60 - James Blunt sells millions. No justice in this world)
Guillimots/Rufus Wainwright (Suprisingly dull, both of them)
Elvis Costello

As an added bonus I will also tell you the one I enjoyed the most. It was the first Hothouse Flowers gig, on their Home tour around 1990. The whole place rocked.

Later this year I have The Decemberists and Arcade Fire to look forward to.  On my wish list The Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd and Dion and the Belmonts.


Rich said...

You saw Mansun? Bah!

To make up for it, you had to suffer my most hated band of all time: The Police.

Valentine Suicide said...

I saw them at Chester Sports Centre. I have a vague recollection of fights breaking out and a general feeling of menace at that one. The band were great though.

The Police was during their Synchronicity tour around '84. It was a corporate event, so no money changed hands. At least none of mine did. I remember Stuart Copeland being very entertaining to watch..

Clair said...

Of all these lists, I'm the most jealous of yours! Hey Mr Christmas by Showaddyditto is one of the most underrated festive discs ever; Prince - twice, wow! And Ron Sexsmith. I could cry, that man is so criminally underrated, and his elpee Retriever is one of my faves ever.

Valentine Suicide said...

I've only just come to terms with my 12 year old, Showaddywaddy loving self. You're right about Hey Mr Christmas and Hey Rock n' Roll has returned to my Portable Gramophonic Musicophone Machine as a classic.

As to Ron Sexsmith.
I've wanted to run up to someone and shout "I STOOD SIX FEET AWAY FROM RON SEXSMITH AND WATCHED HIM PLAY AN ENTIRE SET !!! HONEST!!" and have them be impressed. It hasn't happened yet (but then people aren't to keen on being accosted on the street by shouters are they?)

Ishouldbeworking said...

Shed 7, eh? Snigger.

Valentine Suicide said...

I know, I know! Altogether now "At The Link it's eeeeeasyyyy"

Comes to something when the Police and Shed 7 get singled out for critism on a list with Simply Red and Gene on it...