Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Previously On Valentine Suicide..

I gave you a blow by blow account on the lack of adventure in my mature life. I gave you an exciting tale of the restoration of a mountain bike. I gave you an insightful view on the weather around these parts. I took your breath away (no really...I did) with my fantastic trips to Devon and ...erm..Ikea.

Today on VS, I'm going to have a small rant on why every TV program is trailed to death. At the beginning of each episode I have to have a lengthy recap of the last one, at the end I'll get the all the good bits from the next. It doesn't leave a fat lot of room for much content in-between. I wish they'd stop. I'm not (that) stupid.

Conversely I absolutely love movie trailers and the way films are marketed*, I will abstain for about a month and spend the best part of an evening going through all the new content on the (recently changed - Grrrr) Apple trailer website.

Next time on VS - Why I allowed myself to be photographed in that dress ; How someone in the US got to this blog by typing 'Pet Cosmetic Surgery' into Google (hope I didn't disappoint and Rover's nosejob is still on track) and why it's not a good idea to try and ride cows.

* Current favourite strapline is for the film Underdog (think Superman, only as a dog) is.. "One Nation... Under Dog"


Ishouldbeworking said...

Thanks to you, I have just watched the trailer for 'Who's Your Caddy'.

Gwen said...

Someone once got onto my blog by typing "Valentine Suicide". Either it was you or you have a stalker. Of course if it was the latter that could be seen as making your life that bit more interesting!

My personal stalker hasn't been back for a while. I'm not sure how I feel about that actually.

Valentine Suicide said...

You aren't OBLIGED to watch ALL the trailers Melf!

G, If you're missing your stalker, I can log on anonymously from time to time and make faintly risque comments.
Let me know?