Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Desert Island Blog

I'm highly unlikely ever to be asked to appear on Desert Island Discs.

So for the record:-

1. Runaround Sue - Dion and the Belmonts
I love the edge in his voice in a really early perfect pop song

2. Galbraith Street - Ron Sexsmith
Just sublime. Memories of a remembered street.

3. Uncertain Smile - The The
That moment.

4. Dark Globe - Syd Barrett
"Please lift a hand, I'm only a person". A cry for help from a broken man. Truly affecting.

5. I only have Eyes For You - Flamingos
Soft spot for doo-wop VS?

6. Love Letter - Nick Cave
One of the greatest love songs ever written. A letter from jilted, as a rain storm builds..

7. Caribou - The Pixies

8. Here comes the Flood - Peter Gabriel
Haunting environmental loveliness.

Book - Dirk Bogardes Complete Memoirs. Possibly editing the truth, but very entertaining volumes from a true original.
Luxury - A radio. Your never alone with a radio. Education and entertainment. Plus, when I get bored of them songs I can listen to Heart FM (ugh).

Be interested to see yours folks?


Ishouldbeworking said...

Excellent selection, VS. A great mix of the meltingly romantic, and the borderline insane ( you can't beat a bit of Caribou ).I don't know the Nick Cave track, but next time I see him in Waitrose I'll ask him to hum it for me.

I'm not sure they'd let you have a radio, though. You might know how to use banana leaves to adapt it into a transmitter, then radio for help. Roy Plumley declined Ted Heath's request for a church organ as his luxury, as Plumley felt he might have sheltered underneath it (not likely with Ted's huge tummy, but I'd have paid to see him try)

Mind you, the programme had proper standards back in them days.

Five-Centres said...

It's too hard a question to answer, Val. I'd have to think really hard about it. But Uncertain Smile would be in there somewhere.

Valentine Suicide said...

I can make anything out of anything. It's the emergency air traffic control training don't you know.

If I can't have a radio, can I have a PC with Gazillion gigabyte hard drive and massive broadband connection?

Why isn't DID available as a podcast or listen again I wonder?

Go on FC, (and you Melf) have a go. I rather think if I do one again in a months time it would be have at least 3 different tracks in there!

Valentine Suicide said...

PS, isbw - Nick Cave? In Waitrose? I need to see a picture!

Gwen said...

Your selection is highly impressive. I may take a little longer thinking up some worthy choices.

Valentine Suicide said...

Better to do it quickly G, otherwise you'll start to dither...

I'm already thinking of things I could slot in!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Done! I rattled mine off very quickly, which I think is the only way ( argh, I left out 'Bela Lugosi's Dead',, how could I??).They're on me blog. Do your worst.

Nick Cave is such a common sight around here that I forget to notice him. When I do, however, he reminds me slightly of Deputy Dawg.

And the local Waitrose is positivley made of stars. I picked up some beetroot while standing next to Frank Skinner last week. Heady stuff.

Valentine Suicide said...

Are you sure it was beetroot? We Midlanders have many tricks to make unsuspecting Southerners touch us in inappropriate places..

Ishouldbeworking said...

Oh god, they DID taste a bit meaty....(runs retching to loo)

Gari said...

You can't beat a bit of Ron Sexsmith. Interesting choices VS, I WILL get round to doing my DesiDiscs as no-one calls them, but I fear they be a bit dull in comparison. Bear with me. Not literally, that would be quite dangerous, being stuck on an island with a bear for company.

Valentine Suicide said...

I think being on a desert island with a bear would definately make a dent in your day, Gari. That or keep you very fit.

I look forward to reading your selections..

Bright Ambassador said...

I'm only familliar with two of those songs. Oh dear.