Saturday, 29 September 2007

Lowe and Behold (groan)

I missed out on an opportunity to comment on the fabulous Urban Woo's Rhyme/Crime post with my all time favourite dreadful/genius lyric couplings.

(Well I didn't miss out, but she's posted about forty new entries since that one, the day before yesterday)

"You say your love is bona fide, but that don't coincide with the things that you do"

from Nick Lowe's Cruel to be Kind. Actually it's just genius.

And kudos to the BBC for their trailer for the drama 'Murphy's Law'. I doubt I'll be watching, but Mr Lowe appears again with the gorgeous 'The Beast In Me'


Ishouldbeworking said...

"Read Norman Mailer..or get a new tailor." Lloyd Cole.

Actually now I've written it down,it just looks crap. But I was fond of his stuff so I'll leave it in.

Hands up who thinks that, in his day, Lloyd Cole looked like the young Orson Welles? I wonder if that means he now looks like the old one.

In which case, he WILL need a new tailor. One who specialises in letting out trousers.

Valentine Suicide said...

Dr Melfi! You're back ! Hooraay !
That WAS a long lunch.

There was a discussion on Five-Centres on Mr Cole and the shoehorning of literary references which we though so cool in the eighties, but renders Rattlesnakes almost unlistenable today-with a few brilliant exceptions.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I was wandering Southern Spain, mate, searching for the gypsy in my soul. That kind of thing.

Oddest moment - flicking through myriad Spanish cable channels and suddenly alighting on the talking head of Ol' Wheatfree. He was saying something cheeky about Cliff Richard singing the 'Lord's Prayer' backwards. Very strange.

Sorry to be a johnny-come-lately on the Lloyd Cole discussion. For the record, I agree with everything everyone else says, or at least the first three words.

Five-Centres said...

Getting back to Nick Lowe, don't you just love that new album?

Valentine Suicide said...

I do like that new album. Though it's taken me a while to acclimatise.
I thought it was a bit 'Jack Jones' at first...

Surely even AC's wasn't slagging off Dame Cliff? He's gone right down in my estimation...

Ishouldbeworking said...

If you go to Youtube and type in 'Cliff Richards' and 'Kenny Everett', there's a clip showing Cliff when he was surely teetering on the doorway of the closet. How he got from there to the Lord's Prayer is a mystery to me.

Getting back to Jack Jones, I like Jack Jones.

Valentine Suicide said...

My mum likes Jack Jones. You and her are probably about the same [fill in predictable punchline]. Wasn't he like an american Vince Hill?

Getting back to Cliff, whatever happened to his West End musical 'Heathcliff'? I assume it was successful?

Five-Centres said...

He did sing the theme to The Love Boat, surely his finest hour.

Valentine Suicide said...

Who? Vince Hill?