Friday, 26 October 2007

The Petulance Of A Person Labouring Under Ill-Health

I've not been too well this week. Something I ate maybe? Either way, as well as the usual 'pleasantries', I've had a fever of sorts which has left me in a strange state of mind.
I've been off work, which is quite unusual for me, but has allowed me to catch up with some much needed, 'Being Doubled up' and 'Mortal Groaning' practice.

To keep me company I've had my vital Word and Wired subscriptions and I've been reading Cormac McCarthy bleak apocalyptic road-novel The Road. Which, whilst very good, didn't cheer me up much. I've also been trying to get re-acquainted with Photoshop, but haven't really had the patience.

So most of my entertainment has been from TV and Film. I watched episode two of the new series of Spooks, which stars Peter Firth, Rupert Penry-Jones and Jo Whiley. I've been a fan of this show from the start, despite the slightly ludicrous "From Tomorrows Headlines" plots and the slightly clunky dialogue "It'll be spy on spy!" and "No names, no pack drill!", it keeps me tuning in. It's been compared to 24, but I think it's better. I got bored of watching Keanu Sutherland chasing generic terrorists, torturing people, being tortured and having members of his family killed after just two seasons.

I watched Mr Brooks with Kevin Costner, William Hurt and Demi Moore. Now there's cast that would have have blown the budget a few years back. Kev plays a serial killer, Bill plays his MPD alter-ego and Demi is a millionairess cop, on the trail. If you haven't already guessed, you're probably going to need to visit both Severn Bridges, and the one at Bristol to find enough cable to suspend your disbelief. Costner, always a bit of a one-note Gary Cooper type, strays dangerously out of his emotional depth on occasion. It's not without interest (I'm a fan of David Fincher's The Game, which actually snapped credibility in several places), just silly and slightly unpleasant.
It has made me want to hunt out these actors former glories. I loved Hurt in Kiss of the Spider Woman, Children of a Lesser God, Altered States and Broadcast News.
And Costner was great in JFK, Field of Dreams, American Flyers, Silverado, Open Range and the magnificent Dances With Wolves.
And Demi was great in...erm..St Elmos Fire.. and errrr. Striptease? (actually I'll give her some credit for A Few Good Men and About Last Night).

There are actually films you should stay away from if you're in a mildly 'altered state'
I watched the old Ealing classic Dead of Night again, which was superb, but slightly disconcerting if your feeling feverish.

I once made the mistake of watching Jacob's Ladder with a bout of the Beijing Flu. The psychological effects were wide ranging and probably permanent.


Ishouldbeworking said...

Glad to see Demi Moore formed part of your Healing Process, anyway.

Have you seen 'Altered States'? Probably best avoided if feverish, too, but Bill Hurt at his most dryly bonkers. 'Kiss of the Spiderwoman' seems to not be available on DVD yet, which is a big shame.

Hope you are feeling better today. Perhaps you'll be up to a little beef tea and a game of cribbage later.

Valentine Suicide said...

I am feeling better today, cheers. Cribbage sounds a little strenuous, perhaps we could play charades?

I've seen 'Altered States' many times, though not in the last ten years. Me and my mate Stu used to watch it back-to-back with 'Brainstorm', the equally bonkers Christopher Walken/Natalie Wood sci-fi flick.

Have you seen Jacob's Ladder? There's a film that seems to divide people. I love it.

Planet Mondo said...

I saw the second half of 'The Anderson Tapes' Sean Connery - Bank Robbery film with a raging hangover once and it just seemed plain bizarre

Ishouldbeworking said...

I was advised by a couple of friends not to watch 'Jacob's Ladder'. I think they thought it might mess with my easily-scared head.

'Brainstorm' is a new one on me, though.

I watched 'The Manchurian Candidate' a few years ago when I had chicken pox and was very feverish, and it was terribly trippy. I'd like to see it again at a normal temperature, but worry it might not be so good.

Valentine Suicide said...

Strange PM - I love 'Heist Movies' when I'm ill. With the exception of 'Oceans Twelve', which made me ill.

I think you should reconsider 'Jacob's..' (CBRA), isbw, not so much scary as psychological, maybe a tad disturbing. No clowns. Honest.

BPP said...

You lazy bastard! It's benefits-scrounging thieves like you that are dragging this country into the sewers! So, let me get this straight, whilst I work my fingers to the bone, YOU flounce around on your backside watching television? How dare you! It's the rotten attitude of traitors such as yourself that have ruined this bloody country for the rest of us. You bone-idle sod! If I had my way, I'd have you bloody birched! Birched, d'ye hear?

BPP said...

No offence, like.

Valentine Suicide said...

Bloody hell, Perry. If you're going to attack me, can you at least do it outside at nighclub where there's half a chance of lurking paparazzi. We could have made some cash. Loser.

None taken.

Rob said...

Get well soon old boy - thanks for the kind words

BPP said...

Why didn't I think of that? Arses!

Gwen said...

Can I just say that I loved Jacobs Ladder. Just one of the best films ever and you don't even have to be ill to appreciate it. I'm a bit of a fan of films where things are not what they seem. Anyway enough of that. I hope you are feeling better soon VS.

Valentine Suicide said...

I'm better thanks, Gwen. Another fan of Jacob's Ladder eh, G? There's two of us then?

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