Saturday, 6 October 2007


So. A little increase in the degree of difficulty. We've moved from the still water of the Shropshire Union, to the River Severn, andJackfield Rapids. I understand these are Class 2 rapids for novices, but you've got to start somewhere. Mine and JT's Whitewater Kayaks are still en-route from the USA, so we're cadging a lift with P and Q.

A quick dive onto the river at above Ironbridge in the two inflatables. We have to keep it quite short because this is after work and we'll run out of light. It's a leisurely paddle through the gorge though some excellent scenery and historic bridges, and then forty five seconds of Class 2 adrenaline, then out into the pub.

In the pub conversation is typically bravado. You'd think we'd gone over Niagra in a barrel, rather than navigated some slightly choppy water on an inflatable banana. But it's seriously good fun, and the guys are enthusiastic and great company.
A couple of drinks later I'm silent as the other fellas talk about other adventures. This leads naturally onto broken bones, car-crashes and operations. I stay silent because I've been lucky in all these departments (tree-mountainbiking not withstanding) and don't want to appear inadequate. It begins to darken outside as we hunch over the table in the riverside inn, as the Severn rolls past us. Trousers are rolled up and torsos revealed to review the remnants of battles, hair raising escapades and dices with death. After viewing a particularly impressive appendix scar, I'm noticed again.

"What say you, VS?" says Q.

I pause. The scene looks oddly familiar.

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."


Ishouldbeworking said...

What happened then? Did you all fall to the floor and wrestle? Not at all in any sort of homoerotic way, I mean?

You missed a blinder on Sunday night. Will post when I get a moment. King Creosote tonight. I am expecting greatness.

How were the Decemberists?

Valentine Suicide said...

Noooo we got back on board and killed the shark!

(though it proved to be a battle )

I'm a little peeved that I couldn't fit Foxxy in, but a nice lady arranged for him to play at my birthday party, so alls well etc..

Have fun at KC. The Ocoberists were tad subdued, and the lead singer had food poisoning and disappeared for 15 mins halfway through! I was going to post on it, but aquatic events have taken over my week!

Gwen said...

Well it's one way to spend your birthday - dicing with death.

Ishouldbeworking said...

As David Bowie once said, "A birthday is the beginning of a new death."

Well, he probably said that.

Valentine Suicide said...

You made that up Melfi! I've just come back from another trip down the rapids and my arms look like Popeye's. (more like Olive Oyl's, yuk yuk yuk).

I understand that the KC gig last night was not quite up to spec last night. I was listening to a review on the radio last night and....

..'ang on a minute?

*sound of things falling into place

Ishouldbeworking said...


Valentine Suicide said...

Oops indeed! Richard Herring eh?
There's a John Foxx coming up if you can keep your elderly eyes open!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Bum! I'd had four pints of Harvey's so was rather tired. I'll 'listen again' if I get time.

Richard Herring was fab, despite the Tosser Convention in the front row ( have a read of his blog).

Sean Lock coming up on Saturday and Robin Ince on Sunday. But no more four pints for me. I just can't do that anymore...

Valentine Suicide said...

I'd flaked by 12:10 and he hadn't played it, so I'm not sure what it was..

Have a listen to
this from the previous night, which you'll have missed. I was feeling a slightly bored (and a mite childish). Good old AC never lets you down!

Valentine Suicide said...

Oh, and I think we're going to Sean Locke on about the 8th of better to take a notebook so you can spoil the jokes.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Aaw! But I'm not a doctor, no way.

Just been watching more of '15 Storeys'. It should have been bigger....