Thursday, 3 January 2008

The Long Crawl Back Up The Rockface

Festivities behind us, along with all jokes about leftover turkey and comforting my usually buoyant hounds through another-firework ridden New Years eve, I begin the the crawl back to light nights. I managed to avoid almost all of Christmas TV with the exception of Doctor Who (very samey) and Extras (too long and slightly corny). I absolutely avoided every soap, so I've no idea where the jumbo jet landed this year, or whether a single occupant of Albert Square had a good time or even survived.
Instead I watched some films. Die Hard 4.0 (much better than I expected); Dead Man's Shoe's (fantastic-must watch Romeo Brass); Manon Des Sources (classy).
I also continued my West Wing marathon, only 12 episodes left.

Now starts my battle to refrain from having any holidays until the clocks change, and I can re-engage in faffing around the fringes of water sports.

New Years resolutions:-

Put some space between working life and personal life.
Attend more gigs, both music and comedy.
Start smoking again, exercise less and drink more.

I read on Matthew Rudd's blog, that Kevin Greening had died, which saddened me. His nineties Radio One shows were always crammed with delightfully dry and original humour. The death of Diana temporarily thrust him into the spotlight, followed by a relatively short-lived partnership with Zoe Ball, then disappearance from national radio. I have a fond memory of him seriously winding up Prince (when he was symbol) about what to call him during an interview.
One of the good guys.


BPP said...

You missed some right Christmas Crackers (eh? eh? see what I done did there?). Why, how can a man live with himself when he realises he's missed The Green Green Grass Christmas special AND the My Family special too? I suggest you shoot y'self now as this year's only going to get worse for you.

I have it on good authority they're cutting off your benefits after you were photographed fun-running instead of lying prone with the AIDS.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Good luck with the taking up smoking again. They say the first week is the worst and then you start to get used to it. Hang on in there and remember you can always add patches if you need extra nicotine.

Rob said...

Hey VS: Coronation St's on fire right now... Die Hard 4 was amazing! And Silvana and I got a Shane Meadows boxset for Christmas, so I'll be right onto Dead Man's Shoes now you've mentioned it...

Valentine Suicide said...

They'll never take my benefits BPP. NEVER! How'd I pay for me tabs and kids? (actually I don't pay for me kids, and shoplifting and moonlighting as a pole-dancer covers the tabs.

I'm up to 12 tabs a day now isbw, soon be back to my pre-millenium 30-a-day. That powder you gave me's really hitting the spot as well! Can I have some more? please. pleeeease.. PLEASE!

Enjoy DMS Rob. Was a grim and humourous highlight over the new year.