Monday, 17 March 2008

Favourite Scenes From Films #2

YES! The second in my extensive investigation into cinema, and not more lazy Youtube blogging. Oh no.

Another personal favourite. Contains the greatest ever screen kiss.


BPP said...

Well that was a waste of my valuable time, you dole-scrounging rotter. Mickey Rourke rubbing fruit up Kim Bassinger's knockers is much better.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Apparently she had horrible breath.

Valentine Suicide said...

I find that very hard believe. In fact I don't think GK (later PGoM) ever even went to the toilet.

*puts fingers in ears and starts humming*

AND, Pervy Perry, keep your fantasties about the Basinger off my blog. She's seventy if she's a day.

BPP said...

She wasn't when Rourke was rubbing fruit up them knockers of 'ers. And anyway, if my comment makes me a granny chaser, your post makes you a necrophilliac. You perverted devil.