Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Worse Song Ever?

After extensive research and NOT just a lazy Youtube embed, I can announce the worst song ever recorded. I'm happy to be corrected, of course, but I think I've set the bar pretty low..


Alberto Balsam said...

I'll see your Adam and the Ants (never liked tham after Ant Music), and I'll raise you this:

(Sorry, don't know how to do fancy linky things)

Ishouldbeworking said...

You can almost feel Marco Peroni's pain in that video. Mind you, he probably made a mint from it.

Valentine Suicide said...

Agreed isbw. I wonder if Gary Tibbs ever regretted jumping off the Roxy Music ship to join up with Adam's band of Pirates.

I don't think that S-Club song is as bad as Ant Rap, Alberto. Ant Rap trys so hard to jump on the hip-hop bandwagon as it rolls by, but just ends up with a face full of dust and horse dung. For more serious sins against music from that camp, look here.

Start blandly with first lines :-

"My baby drives a car- HEY!
He calls me when he wants"

Gets worse with a chorus :-

"Some girls always get what they willy wally(?)"

I probably need to stop looking at this now.

Charlie Mingles said...

wowee! I didn't realise there was actual footage of ihs nervous breakdown. Amazing.