Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday in the park, with Alan

Generic football Commentator: " Well that was a scintillating half of majestic football, now over to Alan Green for the second half."

Alan Green: " Well I don't know what game YOU were watching?  I thought it was absolute rubbish.  Neither side managed to complete a decent pass and one side had too much width, whilst the other didn't have enough.  Really, both managers are competely clueless.  All the officials are having a a nightmare of a game, and the referee shouldn't ever be put in charge of a professional football again.  Serious incompetence.  And the player who took is shirt off to celebrate his goal?  WHAT WAS HE THINKING!.  And the crowd have been utterly pathetic.  I've haven't been at such a badly supported game since last Sunday. And both clubs need to sort themselves out.  I've rarely seen such awfully chaired clubs.  These multi-millionaire owners need to get a grip.  These really are among the twenty worst run clubs in the Premier League.  Pathetic!..."

*Sound of a radio smashing in South Staffordshire.

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Beth said...

Yes - it used to be funny when he only said it when it was true*... and if he really does think it's true every single week, then maybe it's time he considered another job?

(*I think my favourite was "if this (Leeds) team were playing in my back garden I'd draw the curtains")