Thursday, 9 October 2008

Breaking Bad

Not to attempt another TV review, but is anyone else watching 'Breaking Bad' on FX (10pm I believe)? I think they're about to air episode three (of seven) this weekend.

A seriously dark, but not without humour, take on American domesticity, as chemistry teacher Walt White goes though the mother of all mid-life crises.

Already having money problems and a second job at a car wash, Walt is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and in an attempt to raise money recruits a young drug dealer and starts to 'cook' Chrystal Meth. This ends in disaster at the first attempt, and Walt gets pulled into a secret life that is spiralling out of control.
Dark, as I mentioned, but also funny, edgy uncomfortable and moving.


Ishouldbeworking said...

Looks like you're the only one, VS!

Valentine Suicide said...

Well, I'm either a completely dimwitted useless waste-of-space moronic half witted Neanderthal Has-Been with no taste who hasn't got a clue about TV drama and deserves to FLOGGED TO WITHIN AN INCH OF HIS WORTHLESS MISERABLE LIFE.

Or I'm way ahead of my time.

Mr H said...

For once you are ahead of your time, as I tried to say last week but the internet decided to nap just as I hit the publish button.

Fabulous telly, and Malcolm In The Middles Dad deserved his Emmy.

Twill be interesting to see how they round things up at the end, what with the American dream of happy endings all round.

But now he's crossed the line into murder, how will they manage?

Bated breath.

Valentine Suicide said...

I've seen 'em all now Mr H, but I won't spoil it for. I'll say nothing.

Except that I feel vindicated! Thanks!