Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Three wishes

1. 6Music would sack George Lamb and his god-awful 'Shabba's', or at least transfer list him to Radio One.

2. Radio One would sack Chris Moyles and erase him from the national conciousness. George Lamb could replace him?

3. BBC1 would re-employ Barry Norman to present Film 2009.


Ishouldbeworking said...

George's Dad is Larry. True!

Bright Ambassador said...

My three wishes:

Radio 2 should sack Terry Wogan and Steve Wright. I don't care who they replace them with.

6 Music should sack that twat on a Sunday morning (Russell somebody?), as it's just two blokes giggling at their own in jokes.

All DJ's should stop talking over the intros and outros of records. As Mark Radcliffe said the other week: 'I find talking over the end of records slightly rude.'

Valentine Suicide said...

"Radio 2 should sack Terry Wogan and Steve Wright. I don't care who they replace them with."

Surely you'd be put out if they replaced them with George Lamb and Russell Somebody? (Howard is it?)

isbw Nepotism is it? Tsk.

Bright Ambassador said...

Okay then, replace Wogan with a gibbering imbecile, it'd be much more listenable.
And replace Wright, a gibbering imbecile, with George Lamb, as I've never heard him on the radio, and nothing can be any worse than Steve 'I'm bonkers, me' Wright.

Is that the same Russell Howard who's that girl-faced moron off of Mock the Week? Mock the Week, a programme with more self-satisfied arseholes than you can shake a stick at.

BPP said...

If I had three wishes, they'd be:

1. I want to be able to do ANYTHING.

After that, I'd ungratefully inform the genie that he could shove my other two wishes up his arse.