Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Erm...hello again?


Ishouldbeworking said...

Is that IT? No seasonal Special Offer as an inducement? I was expecting at least 30% off your Nude Ironing Service.

Do better please.

Five-Centres said...

That's not a very exciting way to return.

But at least you're back.

Valentine Suicide said...

I know it's disappointing, but at least I'm consistent?

My nude ironing service is so over-subscribed, I'll never need to discount it. NEVER!

BPP said...

I'm not as annoyed as some of your other readers at the low quality of your internet return, Valentine. When I saw your site had reopened, I assumed it would be in a half-arsed sort of way anyway. You have, for once, lived up to my expectations.


Matthew Rudd said...

Welcome back. Just in time to tell me what you think of ...

Paul Young
Dean Friedman
Helen Reddy
Laura Branigan
Janet Jackson
Ricky Martin

For future reference, like...

BPP said...

Was Dean Friedman that microphone-headed fuckwit that sang like a muppet wot had just been kicked in the balls? If so, he should be dissected alive.

Unless he's dead. Is he dead? If he's dead, someone should piss on his grave.

Valentine Suicide said...

Matt, I don't ever think of any of those "artistes", with the possible exception of Dean Friedman. Then I mostly agree with Perry*, except when I don't.

*This blog does not condone violence to muppets or desecration of their graves.