Friday, 8 May 2009

My socks

I know it's a cliché. The thing about socks getting lost in the wash and never being able find a matching pair, or in my case a pair of even remotely resembling each other. I decided to beat the system a few years back and threw all mine away. Not too bright, VS, I hear you both saying?

I DID replace them. With twenty pairs of identical socks. I have added to these twenty, with a few pairs of specialist socks. Those rather comfortable Bridgedale ones. You know the ones worn under walking boots that make your feet feel adored. I kept these in a special drawer. They're there now. Eleven single Bridgedale walking boot socks that bear no resemblance to each other.

Anyway, I digress, with twenty identical pairs of black socks, the problem went away...

..Or so you'd think.

I was looking through my recently washed socks, newly dried on our hall radiator, for a pair for the day and I noticed they're all different. Just a subtly different shade of black, or dark grey. Each with a very slight deviation in style or pattern...


Matthew Rudd said...

"A foot without a sock" ... Just cut your feet off. Or go sockless. Or buy tights instead.

My sock woe concerns that weird bit of plastic that holds a new pair together, as I can never successfully separate the socks without ripping a gaping hole in one of them.

And now we're both about to be viciously tortured by a naked Tunisian sock merchant.

Ishouldbeworking said...

There are so many 'almost matching' pairs of black socks in our house that it resembles a Presbytery. They drive me insane. I'd happily hire a naked Tunisian just to deal with them.

But I must speak out in favour of the Rapha merino wool sock. I got some for my squeeze, and they've all gradually migrated over to my sock drawer.

Valentine Suicide said...

To be honest, Matthew, that's a result. I usually have to pay to be viciously tortured by a Tunisian sock merchant.

I'm going to have to seek out some of these Rapha socks of which you speak, isbw?

Honestly, anyone would think I didn't have a mind of my own..?

BPP said...

It doesn't matter if your socks don't match, Valentine, because you're not a woman.

Roman Empress said...

There is a definite discipline involved in sock washing. You have to take the task seriously and match up pairs as best you can as soon as they've dried. Pair them up and give them their own lane down the right hand side of your underwear drawer.
You'll thank me.

Valentine Suicide said...

I think each sock has DNA that evolves it into a totally unique sock over time, RE. After about three months, no sock is alike. I'm watching them now..and...I think they're watching me..?