Sunday, 4 October 2009

Frying tonight

It’s well understood that Stephen Fry is a national treasure, and his latest TV venture to re-tread the steps taken by Douglas Adams in ‘Last Chance to See’ has been most entertaining. I’ve tried to avoid ‘celebrity out of water’ type programmes, as the formats been overused in recent years. Fry’s always good value and this show, perfectly placed in the Sunday Soporific Slot, doesn’t disappoint. Slightly larky, (highlight -our presenters been tricked into believing they were in danger from a tame white rhino) I’m not sure it’s teaching us a great deal, as much of the time Stephen seems to be coo-ing at some newly discovered lizard or mammal, or breaking the odd limb whilst sidekick Mark Carwardine provides the science and says ‘fantastic’ a lot.

Carwardine is great value, and the BBC should use him more. Knowledgeable relaxed and engaging, if they’re looking to fill David Attenborough’s shoes, they could do worse.

They could fill them with Alan Titchmarsh.


Ishouldbeworking said...

"Fill David Attenborough's shoes"??

That, mate, is treason.

Valentine Suicide said...

Look, the old Gorilla groper isn't going to be around forever is he? Someone's got to plan for future

Piley said...

Gorilla Groper??! lol!

I'm with ISBW, I think you need an 'expert' to front up proper nature progs, Fry is good at what he does, but not a natural expert on the subject.

Simon said...

Mr Cawardine and the Kakapo love-fest is quite possibly the best bit of "nature" programming I have ever seen.

Valentine Suicide said...

I agree, Simon. I haven't laughed that hard at anything on TV for years.