Thursday, 15 March 2007

Lest We Forget..

From browsing around some of the TV nostalgia sites I notice a fondness starting to creep in for the early 70's show 'Escape into Night'. This was a childrens teatime show based on Catherine Storr's book 'Marianne Dreams'.

I understand there exists a black and white master film of this show, and certain factions are calling for a DVD release.

This must never happen. EVER.

I wonder if any of these people really remember this show. A lot of people my age seem to agree that they saw it, and then describe the far more innocuous 'Children of the Stones'. The people who saw "Escape into Night" never discuss it.

It was truly terrifying.

Basically, the story focussed around two ill children, Marianne and Mark. He is imprisoned somewhere in a spooky dark house, she is in her own house dreaming about him. She draws pictures of Mark, and these drawings somehow influence his world.
His house is a remote mansion near the sea, surrounded by ...gulp....large stones. [If you have reached this point and remembered the show, you'll have no doubt switched your PC off, run into the brightest room in the house and are mixing a stiff drink wondering what just happened. As you try to begin the process of forgetting...again]

Large stones don't sound scary. But these were alive. And they each had an eye. And they were moving closer. ...Oh and the radio...those voices ..coming out of the radio! ..and who's that man..and then..the view from the ..the STOOOOOOOONNNES....!!

Where was I?.. Can't remember... probably ranting about Johnny Borrell again.

Time for bed. Don't look out of the window. Don't switch off the lights.

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