Thursday, 29 March 2007


OK I give up.
I will transfer my mortgage and all bank accounts to your organisation with immediate effect.

You, in return, will deposit this man and any other singing..ahem..bankers -including the sturdy coiffurred dancing biffa, back to wherever you found them. In his case I believe it was sleeping rough under junction 9 of the M6.



Ishouldbeworking said...

I am unreliably informed that 'Howard' and his hefty mate were/are genuine employees, and that they 'won' their 'prize' - ie, to be the Face of Halifax - after a massively oversubscribed national internal competition ( a kind of 'HalifaX-Factor, if you will) which involved numerous, challenging, 'knockout' rounds. So next time you're having a bad day at work, pause and reflect. You have not been so brainwashed by your employer that you would voluntarily put yourself through hell in order to win the prize of becoming a national irritant. I assume.

Valentine Suicide said...

I'd love to know how much business this ad campaign has generated. We must assume that has been a successful business strategy by the longevity of it.

I sometimes wonder whether I'm part of some isolated minority, and that the rest of country is dying to join Howard, his animated flying creature and the portly hoofer on their next pointless adventure.

Beach Bum said...

Have you seen the ad that targets car insurance for women only -"Sheila's Wheels"? Tell me you have been spared. Thanks for namechecking my blog btw.

Valentine Suicide said...

Not spared I'm afraid BB, just not got around to ranting about it.

No probs on the namecheck. I live in middle of the country. Your blog is a lifeline to the sea..