Saturday, 10 March 2007

What is it About the Name Jeremy?

Jeremy Kyle
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Vine

'nuff said ?


Valentine Suicide said...

ah fuck it, I shot myself in the foot.

There's Jeremy Brett.

Theory blown !

Clair said...

And Jeremy Bear off of the old Sugar Puffs boxes.

I like Jeremy Paxman, too.

Valentine Suicide said...

I withdraw the theory. I'll have to have a rethink !

Ishouldbeworking said...

Jeremy Healy out of Hayzee Fantayzee always looked like he needed a good wash, so you may be on to something, despite the redeeming presence of Messrs. Brett and Bear.

Valentine Suicide said...

You're right ISBW. So did Kate Garner his partner. I vaguely recall having a few 'fantayzees' about washing her myself...

I guess I'll have to leave it open ended.

I'm also starting to get worried about people called James..

Rich said...

Nah, mate. It's Richard, look at the evidence:
The Third

Valentine Suicide said...

Jeeez you're also right...

..and Nixon...and Starkey...and Cheney..and Branson....and Gere...and Curtis, mastermind of comic relief (I've had to have the day off, too much fun in store at work).

They are offset by Pryor, Burton and well guess?

Valentine Suicide said...

...blimey ...and Herring.

Coincidently I have very little autographed memorabilia, but I do have stuff from Herring (a DVD and Program) and Pryor (his autobiography). The only other stuff is a Tom Mcrae signed album and one from David Sylvian - that's the whole collection. Look out ebay!