Saturday, 10 March 2007

Not Gonna Buy an iPOD

I'm not going to buy an iPod. I thought those creative free-thinkers people at Apple were offering a lifestyle alternative to Microsoft's Window's only universe.

Seem you're tied into iTunes and you can't transfer any iTunes to other PMP's. The video one will only play MP4- all my stuff's divx!

Yes it's they're very aesthetically pleasing, but I'm going for the clunkier Creative Vision M:

It's got a nicer sound, a bigger screen and plays divx out of the box. Oh and an FM radio if I get bored with my shit taste in music.


neil h said...

I've got a Creative Zen V+ - a lovely little 4Gb mp3 player that suits me down to the ground. I never could get the hang of that scroll wheel thingy on iPods.

Valentine Suicide said...

I was looking at that little beauty when I bought the Vision. A good choice I think Neil!