Saturday, 24 February 2007

Heeeeeere's Dexter !

Just watched the second episode of new(ish) american drama series called Dexter.
Dexter Morgan is a Police forensics expert ("Blood is my life") by day and a serial killer by night. Don't worry though, he is the good guy. Only dispensing macabre justice to those who have committed heinious crimes.

He has a celibate relationship with his girlfriend and geeky policewoman sister who wants to become a homicide detective.

Each episode seems is a combination of a current case or some crimainal who has crossed his path and deserves justice, a developing case (he's playing cat and mouse with another serial killer) and some back -story. How Dexter became..

Our complex anti-hero is played by Six Feet Under's Michael C Hall and the show is based on the novel by Jeff Lindsay. It really stylish and full of dark humour. Whether you like it or not may depend on whether you can stomach the unsympathetic elements of his character.

I've seen two episodes and It's starting to grow on me...

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