Sunday, 15 April 2007

Home Taping is Killing Music

So, my turn on Arctic Monkeys new album.

I've played it about 8 times (on me Hoover) and am really starting to like it..... What's that I hear you cry?.. How could you possibly have it!... It's not released!

I don't have to review it for a magazine and I don't know any journalists who will give me a pre-release copy, so yes, I stole it off the internet. There's a lot of talk about it and I want to hear it now! I might get run over by a donkey before April 23rd.

During the early download days, doing things like this didn't really bother me. I used to get aggrieved by the protests of people like multi-millionaire Richie Sambora slagging off us plebs for nicking his boss's music (like anyone would bother). Most of the stuff I downloaded during the Napster/Audiogalaxy years was stuff I'd owned at some stage. And what about all the albums I'd bought that only contained one good track.. PAH!

My sense of fairplay has been tweaked since those days and I now agree, it's not big or clever to steal music from the net. I have a subscription with eMusic and regularly buy cd's. Rest assured I will be buying Favourite Worst Nightmare as soon as 'The Man' lets me.

So the album.. Yes I can hear a bit of The Smiths in there, though mostly I can hear the Arctic Monkeys. No one else sounds quite like them.

Current favourite tracks are:-

Only Ones Who Know
Old Yellow Bricks

So get on the bandwagon and pick up the 'andbook

(If I do get run over by a donkey before the end of the April, someone tell Alex and co. I owe 'em a tenner.)


Ishouldbeworking said...

I too have headed back to the path of righteousness after a period of making merry on Limewire...I resented 'having' to fork out again for CDs of music I already owned on vinyl, so did a bit of 'evening the score' before my conscience caught up with me.

I shall probably buy the Arctic Rolls' new goodie, but confess that I seem to be the only person in the world who feels a bit..well..'ho hum' about them. AND this from one who saw them live in Portsmouth in October 05. I came away with nothing better to say than 'they were alright, quite lively' ( not like me). I read Andrew Collins' rhapsodic accounts, and feel a bit jealous...

Valentine Suicide said...

I think this new Arctic Monkees cd is better than the last, so give it a go.

I think AC is right about this and Arcade Fire. Can't say the Klaxons or Rakes do much for me though. My taste in music is definately moving towards the sedate.

Hope when you saw the 'Monkees' it was in fairly small venue. I imagine the ony chance I'll get to see these bands is at arena, and I refuse to go to those type of gigs.

If god had meant bands to play in football/cricket grounds, he would have existed.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Don't move too far to the Sedate Side until you've checked out the Maccabees. I'm with you and not Mr Collins where Klaxons are concerned though - very unremarkable to my ears!

Portsmouth boasts both one of my favourite, and one of my least favourite venues...the Wedgewood Rooms is a grand little place with an easy atmosphere and a stage which is just the right height, whereas the Pyramids Centre is an airport lounge with a glass Toblerone on top, and the worst was there I saw the Artic Rolls, so maybe that had a lot to do with why they underwhelmed me. I'll still buy the new album though, just in case I'd be missing out if I didn't...