Sunday, 15 April 2007

Yeah..I've got it on my.....erm

Been struggling to find a word when engaged in the usual conversations on music, movies, tv etc.
For example, I say to a friend colleague/friend/spouse/sister/parent/neighbour/passing dog, "Have you heard Some Girls by Racey?". They respond in the affirmative "Yes Luv, got it on my iPod, ain't it just the greatest!".

As you may know, I have a slight allergy to Apple's wondergadge. Don't like iTunes proprietry policy. I'm also not a big fan of the controls and menus set up and the fact that the Video model won't play divx.

So if I say, "Yes Luv, got it on my Creative Zen Vision: M, ain't it just the greatest!" I usually have to have the following conversation:

"You've got it on your what?"
"my Creative Zen Vision: M"
"What's one of them then ?"
"A what..?"
"A Portable Media know a device that plays music videos etc"
"Oh mean an iPod"


Anyway, in the spirit of swimming against the tide, I've decided to call my Zen Vision: M a Hoover, and will refer to it as such from now on.


Rich said...

How about calling it the Flangedoodle Modulation Throbnobulator?

Ishouldbeworking said...

I think it's just fine to tell people you have a 'Creative Zen Vision' .Then watch them back away nervously in case you try and give them a flower and ask for 'a donation'.

Gwen said...

Sadly my dad got an iPod before me (well that is to say that I haven't got one and don't really have any intention of getting one). Imagine your dad being more technologically advanced than you though - oh the shame. Having said that he had no end of problems with it and had to get a number of replacements before he got one which I think now works. Needless to say it's not filled with Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs as he is more of a classical music fan.

Valentine Suicide said...

Rich, you're obviously from the East Midlands mate. In the West Midlands a Flangedoodle Modulation Throbnobulator is a type of vacuum cleaner.

People have been backing away from me nervously for years ISBW. More so now with my new Thom Yorke/John Wyndham conspiracy theory. Giving them a flower isn't a bad idea though. I've also just noticed the word conspiracy almost contains the word racey.

Gwen, I'd stay away from iPods and get yourself a Hoover. Great for those long winter walks.

Miles said...

I've got one of them too - I usually call it my notpod, which has stuck with our kids if not actually with the rest of the world.
Meanwhile my palm pda is known round the house as "daddy's funny noise machine"

Valentine Suicide said...

You're a man after me own heart Miles, (as well as being a man off me own radio).

I'm intrigued as to the funny noises your pda makes though? (Or do you just blame it for your own 'funny noises' because you haven't got a dog?)