Friday, 6 April 2007

Happy Twentieth

Well maybe not happy. But lets not dwell on the tabloid tragedy.
I loved this record when it came out. It was big and brash and rocky and funky and full of life. I can't remember whether it was cool to like INXS in 1987, I certainly remember Michael Hutchence getting a hard time from Oasis at some award ceremony for being past their prime (hmmm boot on other foot now Gallaghers!). It's probably not remotely cool in 2007 but I'm going to take it out, dust it off and dance around my manbag to it.

I think the reason I took to this was after being a goth for so may years my body was crying out to dance, jump and wear trainers.. rather than remain motionless and be difficult around family members.

I saw INXS live in 1987 in a cosy little venue just outside Birmingham (the NEC). They had a great opening. They would come on and start playing behind a massive curtain that completely obscured ths stage. At a suitably dramatic moment, the curtain would drop down onto the punters in the front r0w (me and my mate Stu). There then followed a 20 minute tug of war with the security staff for possession of the curtain. Great fun, and the band played on!

A couple of 1987 'also rans' for me:-

What a classic. Shame he went (even more) bonkers and started making rubbish music.


By the time this was released my sister, and her once giggling, now dour friends were really into The Smiths. Sis is 7 years my junior. It was time to move on.


Clair said...

Happy days! Have you heard the new INXS single with Ian Astbury on vocals? True, he's not Hutchence, but it's a corking track.

Mind you, don't listen to me. I spent Sunday listening to my old ELO albums, and I know I shouldn't be apologising for my tastes, there are some things that you just don't talk about in polite society, aren't there?

Gwen said...

Thanks for putting my blog on your links section - makes me feel all warm inside!



Rich said...

You've missed out Push by Bros.

I'll get me coat...........

Valentine Suicide said...

I don't think there's any shame in listening to your old ELO albums. Given some of the blog interaction I've read on Smokie and Dean Friedman, and an exchange I had with ishouldbeworking on the merits of Racey and the Rubettes you've got nought to worry about. These bands make ELO look like Arcade Fire.

Gwen - no problem. I just hope I don't bring shame on your honourable blog with my puerile nonsense.

Rich - Get your coat! Not fit to be discussed with the like of Racey and ELO.

Gwen said...

Don't worry I'm really quite partial to a bit of nonsense.


Ishouldbeworking said...

I'm a bit concerned that you never got to dance, as a goth. WE had a special 'goth dance' which involved clasping both hands together in front of the face, and bending the arms to make one giant arm. This would then be swung diagonally back and forth across the body ( slow Goth number), or jabbed to either side of the face (slightly faster goth number, or at least the first few minutes of 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'). You hardly needed to move your feet at all, and it was surprisingly easy to look like you weren't enjoying yourself much. I might try it when I get in from the pub tonight, actually.

Thanks for adding me to your links, by the way -I'll reciprocate, when I work out how to do that!

Valentine Suicide said...

You know ISBW, I think I can remember the delights of the 'chicken dance'.

I was in the front stalls area of the Victoria Hall in Hanley at Bauhaus 'Burning from the Inside' tour (1983?). being equally amazed and bullied by elbows by a geezer chickendancing. You start with your fists together in front of your chest and then push out you arms so the your elbows go up to your shoulders, then move your arms back so your fists are back in front of your chest. All this should be completed whilst spinning jerkily. Not sure this was a real goth dance though, as the man doing it was dressed in white robes and had long pink hair.

When I said not dancing. I obviously used to shuffle through the first 40 minutes of 'Bela'. Waiting for the vocal or the invention of Prozac, whichever came first.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Ah, chicken dancing...cropped up a lot, but always a special favourite with the hard-core Psychobillies. The most violent chicken dancing I ever saw was at a Guana Batz gig in 1983. People were leaving their noses on the dancefloor.

Bauhaus at Brixton last year, by the way, was one of my Top Gigs of '06!