Sunday, 3 June 2007


To nephew J, who was born with talipies, and got to spend the first three months of his life in plaster and with the lovely contraption ('snowboard') pictured above.

J no longer has to wear the snowboard and can kick his legs about like the rest of us.



Gwen said...

Oooh I do like your new summer look. Very "New Season". Just make sure that they're not selling it off for half price in TK Maxx come the winter.

What a cool kid getting to wear his own personalised snowboard. Nice to know he can kick his legs about now. Just make sure you are not in the vicinity when he tries it out though!

Valentine Suicide said...

I've been decoratingthis blog all weekend. Be careful it might still be wet...

Gwen said...

I did wonder what that sticky white stuff was on my fingers. Mystery solved.