Friday, 8 June 2007

Herring Aid (2)

You may have seen from Ol' Melfi's blog that we've managed to boost Richard Herring's audience attendance by at least four toward the end of his tour, that must be worth fifty quid (revenue) to him. He owes us.

Richard was on fine form in front of a Shropshire audience of around 120. I have no idea why he does not attract a bigger audience. Maybe too much Radio 4 and not enough Never Mind the Buzzcocks? Maybe he's exactly where he wants to be? Maybe there's only 120 people in Shropshire?

It was a great show. He's quite unique- crude, controversial, cuddly, confrontational, flirtatious and obnoxious. He also seems to like to push the audience, walking a tightrope, irritating us- then pulling us back with a big laugh. He had me weeping during a section around the pronunciation of potaaahto and his objections to the french pomme de terre. Like all comedy, of course, you had to be there...

At the interval it appeared some of his material had been a little near the mark. I overheard a young girl was complaining his Jesus stigmatyr masturbation routine had been too much and had gone on too long, and his Maxine Carr references drew a few gasps. But everyone gamely went back for the second half, which started with an open discussion around the fact that Herring's arse was currently being screened on ITV, and we were all missing it.

During a routine about the apocalyptic results of climate change, he impersonates a child, berating us from some flooded future Atlantis... I feared for Mme S. I haven't heard her laugh like that since the last time she saw me in the bath...

So excellent show. If you haven't seen it, tough. He's finished the tour. You can probably get a DVD, but it's never the same. It's just a shame Mr H. cannot ply his trade in front of a bigger crowd.

It seems as if stand-up is just a stepping stone to bigger things for a many talented people. I saw E. Izzard, one of the past masters about seven years ago and he brought a small hall to it's knees. I saw him again on his last 'arena' tour five years later, and all the empty space above the packed stalls seemed to swallow his charisma. Looks like he's onto to massive US TV stardom now..

Oh, and a word to any hecklers out there. Unless your 95% sure your comments are going to bring the house down, keep 'em to yourself. You'll end up looking like a right squirrel's ear.


Gwen said...

Morning Valentine. How goes it this fine morning? Can you explain "Melfi". Can quite fathom.

On R Herring. I checked the Edinburgh Fringe programme and I am sure he is playing. He has been added to my Edinburgh list along with Robin Ince. I hope my pals like him although I have a feeling they will. Whe you take other people you feel a certain responsibility to them to take them to something they will like as well. We always choose for each other to see a wider variety, so I will be interested to see what they have chosen for us to go to as well.

Valentine Suicide said...

Morning! I'm fine, the sun is shining I've a spring in my step and a song in my heart! How's it with you?

The Melfi refers to Jennifer Melfi, the Psycho-therapist in the Sopranos. Whilst isbw's not around, I thought I'd take the opportunity to be cheeky hehehe.

I think your mates should enjoy RH, so long as they're not too sensitive... Some of his stuff's a bit near the knuckle, but in a good way..

As for R.Ince. The gig I have tickets for has been moved to 26th July I have still not seen him or heard any material by him. I intend to keep it that way until the show.

Five-Centres said...

I quite enjoyed the bit of his comedy drama on ITV that I saw. It's begging for a series.

Gwen said...

Well Valentine I would say that summer's in my step and there's a veritable dance band in my heart so things are looking up.

Thanks for the Melfi explanation. I missed the Sopranos despite everyone raving about it. Maybe I'll try to catch the repeats.

My mates aren't too sensitive, but I will warn them about the "near the knuckle" thing. In fact I'll show them your and Melfi's reviews and see what they think. I can't see them being too offended.

I'm looking forward to your review of Robin Ince. Best foot forward!

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'll "Melfi" you, young man.

Glad you enjoyed Le Herring - always a bit of a responsibility when you big someone up as much as I did, but sounds like he delivered very ably on the night you saw him as well. Did he do the 'split character' bit in the second half? I thought that was worthy of Beckett...

Valentine Suicide said...

He was great Melf. And Yes he did the split character piece in the second half. Very Beckettesque. This was where I felt he walking a fine line between trying to irritate and entertain. Brilliant.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I think he'll settle for either response, just as long as you don't ignore him