Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Behind The Curve

Long working days have curtailed my blogging activity somewhat over the last couple of weeks. Barely managing my own modest 'one a week' target. I can hardly manage to keep abreast of reading my ten regular blogs. Throwing in the occasional comment can sometimes leave me exhausted.

Relaxation is currently taking the form of watching The West Wing (I know I know, where have I been). Until August this year I had never seen an episode. In fact pre-2007 I had been taking an extended break of some years from most scheduled TV. That means that this year alone, I have had the pleasure of watching (for the first time) every single episode of The Sopranos (RIP *sobs*). The first two seasons of The Wire (joy from start to finish) The one and only season of Kidnapped (cancelled alas). I have yet to watch an episode of Deadwood, Six Feet Under and new Battlestar Galactica. Each, I understand, has it's own sort of brilliance.

The West Wing is taking some beating in the VS attention stakes though. I'm halfway through the second season DVD's, and will try and watch them in batches of two or three every other night. Each episode just crackles along and is usually funny, moving, intelligient and scary. Often all at the same time. Sorry, but Doctor Who and Life on Mars just can't compete in this league. . In a couple of months time I'll have reached the end, but in the meantime I have five and a half seasons to get through. So.. erm.. Bye!


Five-Centres said...

I watched the first two series or WW, but C4 kept dicking about with it and in the end I lost the thread. You really have to see it all to keep up, so I bowed out. But as we all know box sets are the way forward. Loved Six Feet Under and The Sopranos and The Wire is a masterpiece. Don't fancy Deadwood really.

Thoroughly enjoying a nice slice of Kay Mellor (when she was good) in series 1 - 4 of Playing The Field. This passed me by originally but it's great. A cast of thousands, every one a well-known face today.

Rob said...

Ha! I've been feeling like that about Heroes, The Visit and Gavin and Stacey.
*closes curtains*

Valentine Suicide said...

I wonder if I should watch the remaining WW seasons back to back.

I've donr some calculations. If I don't sleep I can get through them by Wednesday. Good idea?

Gwen said...

I feel your pain on the lack of blogging time. My new job has kept me very busy and my two blog posts a week target has fallen by a work strewn wayside. The joys!! Anyway, I haven't seen the West Wing for ages but sadly don't even have time for the telly these days.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I've never seen a single one of the series mentioned here. it's too late for me to start now. I'm going to save them all for when I retire.

Valentine Suicide said...

That day can't be far away!

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'll cross 'em over, you nod 'em in!