Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Dear Santa..

I've been a good boy etc. Please can I have:-

1 set of clackers.
Please don't tell me they're dangerous. My parents tried that in 1974. It only made me want them more.

1 Moustrap game.
I promise this time I won't just spend hours trying to rig the trap. I will actually play the game. At least once.

1 Etch-a-Sketch
Really excellent must-have fun. You can 'etch' anything (as long as it doesn't have a curve in it).

1 Dinky Gerry Anderson UFO Interceptor
Just look at the lines on that beauty! Not sure what happens after you've fired your single missile though?

1 Battling Tops Game
A really skillful game. Not just blind luck. Oh no.

I'd also like Stock Car Smash Up, A Tiny Tears doll, Ricochet Racers, Fuzzy Felt, Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure and a new Chopper. Ooooh and some herbal Viagra, if anyone knows where you can get it.

(I seem to be stuck in retro mode)


Beth said...

Makes me want to re-think my wish list...

I was too timid to want 'clackers' by the time the anti-clacker propaganda machine had finished with me. I did have 'battling tops' though, it was fab!

Also 'up the pole', which was good once it was set up.

(an etch-a-sketch will let you down, how about a spirograph instead? or, like all sensible folk, do you still have yours?)

Ishouldbeworking said...

Watch it with those Clackers - they could have your eye out.

Your Etch-A-Sketch effort is interesting, but not a patch on the Shroud of Turin I once produced on mine. Sadly, no pictures survive ( though it did earn me a Beatification).

You might also want to add to your list the fabulous 'Make A Paperweight' kit I got when I was eleven. That Christmas Night my mother found me hallucinating in the kitchen, having spent an hour inhaling liquid epoxy resin fumes as I attempted to suspend a shiny penny in the clear solution. Apparently I kept saying 'Ooh you are awful, but I like you." They were magic times, and nobody ever bothered Social Services.

Hope you get your Fuzzy Felt.

Planet Mondo said...

A Christmas cracker of a list, found this on Amazon - Looks tempting

"The Bumper Book of Look and Learn" reprinting the best bits in one volume. (Got to have an Annual at Christmas). Had Battling Tops, the Interceptor (and Shado Mobile) and Clackers (orange)

And this is my fave board game of all time
"whatchamacallit"- I've still got it and still play it

Valentine Suicide said...

Alas my spirograph was thrown out with the...erm..bathwater.
I was a HUGE fan of Battling Tops . You can never go back though Beth, diasappointment awaits.

PM, I'd forgotten about the Shado mobile, with the flip-over roof/missile. Did you have the SPV as well?

isbw, I rather think your Beatification started (as did your glue habit) around the time of the resin inhalation.
I also hope I get my Fuzzy Felt. It's why I want some herbal Viagra.

Beth said...

You're right about never going back.

I got a Fuzzy Felt (don't smirk!) a couple of years ago - but the board was all wrong somehow, and the felt was so much thinner.

Al McGregor said...

Am I just making this up, or does anybody remember Tug-a-Bug? The game involved a plastic cage, with four square apertures on the sides and an opening in the top, into which you dropped a re-inforced plastic "bug" that had a number of strategically-placed holes drilled out of it. The players each had a plastic rod with hook on the end and the aim was to "fight like crazy" to yank the bug out of your chosen aperature. It was the most brutal game ever invented for under-10s and I remember finger injuries were an inevitable consequence of most bouts. Please tell me that I'm not alone in remembering this long-forgotten 70s masterpiece? Now that's another story.

Gwen said...

What a fantastic list. I think you should have included The Dangerous Book for Boys. I know many "boys" who have "bought it for their sons" and would heartily recommend it. Unless that is, you already have it.

Valentine Suicide said...

I don't remember Tug-a-Bug Al. Sounds like a lot of violent fun? Have you tried to track it down on the internet?

My mother-in-law bought me The Dangerous Book for Boys. I found it useful for knots.

Gwen said...

My cousin's five year old has asked for a big rocket that can blast him up into space. My cousin thinks that if he is lucky he might get a small plastic one. It will be interesting to see what Santa comes up with.

I Am Not The Beatles said...

A list that brought back memories I had totally forgotten about, particularly Stock Car Smash Up. Go to ebay : it's only 99p

Ian TB