Monday, 10 December 2007

'Oo Are Ya!

I've been checking this site all year, and I'm still waiting to buy my first bit of Red and Black sexy apparel. Get your finger out !

I've also had my eye on this band, awaiting the inevitable writ.
Alas, they seem to have split up.

I was going to change the ridiculous name of this blog as a result of the above and because of the obvious negative connotations of the word 'suicide'. I did think of it in 1983 though, and I've grown rather fond of it.

So I'm not.


Andrew Collins said...

That's a scary picture! (Never change your name. When I moved from the NME to Select in 1993 there was already a well-established freelancer there called Andrew Collis. I was all set to gently ask him if he minded changing his name, in that I was his new boss, but he beat me to it and offered to change it to Clark Collis, which he remains to this day.)

Al McGregor said...

Do we have intellectual property rights to our own names?

Valentine Suicide said...

It is a scary picture. I've always found Jeremy Irons quite disconcerting. (Oh, you meant the other one).
Are you sure Mr Collis didn't just want his name to be a bit more 'Hollywood'?

I'm not sure on names, Al. As AC's comment demonstrates, if you're in the public eye your name becomes your brand. Obviously I'd be a bit hard pushed if challenged, as the VS name isn't on me birth certificate...

Ishouldbeworking said...

Get in quick,VS, with a Deed Poll. Your career will skyrocket, and you'll be able to wear all the red and black frillies a man could desire. A double-result, I think.

PS. I have also found Jeremy Irons disconcerting. He doesn't get his kit off in films anymore, though, and that's a good thing in my book. He has the torso of a skinned rabbit.

BPP said...

Hear hear! It's because of valiant footsoldiers like yourself, fighting the good fight against a tidalwave of EEC red tape, that the battle will soon be ours! These European swine need to be told that enough is enough. They need it made clear to their officious Eurominds that Britons won't scrape and kow-tow at the feet of a bunch of unelected foreign swines just because that idiot Ted Heath pulled down his trousers and let the French have a whiff of his turncoat bloody balls back in 1970. Join the clarion-call of rabid anti-EEC warriors at If you don't, you're a traitor to the crown.

Five-Centres said...

I think it suits you. Don't go changin'.