Monday, 31 March 2008

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings..

..these are a few of my favourite things.


My kayak.  I appreciate that doesn't look much like a boat, but it is.  When it's not folded up lying on a spare bed it looks like this. 

I know what you're thinking.  That looks like a Sea Eagle 420x 3 man multi-purpose inflatable, capable of running class four rapids and carrying three people plus luggage.  Well you'd be wrong. It's a 380x. Duh!

Radios.  I love all radios.  I'm not really sure why, I thinks it's the possibility of unlimited entertainment in such a portable format.  I'm not a fan of all radio though..


Season ticket.  I've been a fan of my local team since I was a wee bairn.  Like most fans of any team out of the top four teams, it's up and down.  Mostly down.  But I love the theatre of home games.



My Moleskine ( pronounced mol-a-skeen'-a   hahahaha) notebook.  They blurb that they use to sell these things suggests they were used by Hemmingway, Picasso, Van Gough and Peter Andre.  I imagine that makes me some sort of 'wannabe'.  Maybe so, but I love well constructed things, and in a world of laptops, PDA's, smartfones and Shufflepods a bit of analogue can be very pleasurable.


My Raider travel bag.  Makes me feel like Indiana Jones.  That should be a good enough reason to love anything.


Swiss Army Knife.  Tuck one of these into your Raider travel bag and head off for a Ewan McGregor aftershave adventure.  End up donating one to those nice fellows at Airport Security EVERY TIME I FLY!  Poised nicely on a Miller's Crossing DVD, I trust you'll agree.

My cheap learner electric guitar.  I decided to try and teach myself some chords about five weeks ago, and have really enjoyed tinkering around.  Very therapeutic.  Can anyone recommend a good manicurist/finger repair artist?


BPP said...

Ho ho ho! I agree with whatever it is you've written! Meanwhile, fans of the 1980s might like to take a look at Hot Summer Nights - the greatest site about the 80s ever made. If you're wondering how long it took for Maverick from going from being Ice Man's wing-man to sucking Ice Man off in a public toilet, visit Hot Summer Nights.

Valentine Suicide said...

I wouldn't bother 'fans of the 1980s'. I've looked already and it's average at best. And he hasn't even bothered to put in a link you can click.

Beth said...

I like your bag. Does it have a pocket for everything? I bet it does.

I got a moleskine diary this year. I love it, but I pronounce it 'mole skin'...

(Ha! word verification is 'fylde'!!! I lived there till this week!!!)

Thumper Plowman said...


Sorry to be pedantic, but I live in Italy. You're right though: they rock.

That Raider bag looks cool, I'm off to eBay.

BPP said...

1. It's not fair that Thumper lives in Italy.

2. How do you do them link things?

3. Fuck you, you rancid halfwit.

Ishouldbeworking said...

What do you write in your 'Mowle-skeyn' (puhleeze!), then? Serial numbers of other passing kayaks?

Love the callouses though. You could show them to Robert Plant next time you see him at the footie.

Five-Centres said...

Are you running away from home?

You forgot to download John Denver to your ipod.

Rob said...

you seem to have a lot of kit... good work, VS

Valentine Suicide said...

Gracious. So many questions so little time.

You can the Sahara range of bags from Nomad Travel and they look like this this
and this


1) Agreed. I miss him too.

2) It tells you here

3) I'm not a halfwit (yet -though I'm working up to it)


Currently, I'm working on a novel where my Flaxen Tressed Heroine, Anne 'Nightingale' Poldark wanders a radioactive wasteland looking for her lost knees.

I'll try and get an audience with Robert Plant, but he's usually surrounded by rock fans looking for hair tips.


John Denver is already there. Don't tell anyone.


erm...thanks mate. It's a shame the people employed by 'Classic Rock' Magazine aren't of the same same calibre as those at 'Word'.

Clair said...

God, you're so MANLY aren't you, she swooned.

Valentine Suicide said...


I mean yes, little lady.