Wednesday, 23 April 2008

And Now The End Is Near..

I note from the news today that the race between Barack Obama and Clinton Corp is gathering speed as America heads for the election of a new President..

That can only mean one thing folks.. After eight long years of agony, we can finally say goodbye to Jon Culshaw's one-joke 'impressionation' of George W. Bush.

Roll on November.

Now a dog picture.


John Q Wagonwheel said...

He has become rather the one-trick pony.
Also, stop trying to out-dog me. YOU'LL NEVER WIN!

BPP said...

Hello? Little bit of politics there, eh?

Dogs love water.

BPP said...

Ha ha! I agree with whatever the hell it was you wrote there. Meanwhile, readers of this banal rubbish might want to get out before they lapse into a catatonic state, and instead visit my blog. There you'll have the chance to win a Spitfire in my crappy new riddle competition. That's right, you've read that correctly - a SPITFIRE! So, if you want to 'reach for the skies', or you have no legs, or you look like Kenneth More, visit my blog NOW! YOU too could soon be taking to the air in the machine that won the British World War II.

Heavenly Demise said...

bpp, a spitfire, on my blog you can 'win' dark enlightment and an insight into Hell itself. Oh, and meet a dancing demon. I cater for all.

Valentine Suicide said...

Well on mine you can read a short snipe at Jon Culshaw AND see a picture of a dog.

BPP said...

You can't win a Spitfire though, can you?

Heavenly Demise said...

bpp, we can't win an actual spitfire! You got my hopes up. I think I'll sue!
At least there IS a dancing demon on my blog.