Thursday, 24 April 2008


Right. I've had enough of being a grown up. For one day only, it's the first day of the summer holidays in 1973. So wander downstairs in your pyjamas around 10am, chuck some extra sugar on your Sugar Puffs and switch on the TV...

The 'On White Horses' one is here, but won't let me embed it. Have I missed any more?

OK. You can go back to bed now.


Matthew Rudd said...

In the summer holidays of 1973 I was two months old, so if you've got a pram and some rattles, I'll join you.

Planet Mondo said...

I think you've nailed it. But the The Banana Splits would that be the version with Three Musketeers , Danger Island (Uh Oh, Jongo), The Arabian Knights or Micro Adventures - and do you know who wrote this piece of Fyffe based funk for them ?
Doing The Banana Split

Was 'Why Don't You....' later? and sometimes there were Star Trek repeats too.

While on ITV Sesame Street, The Beachcombers (with some ol' tramp called Relic if I remember)- and that one about park rangers or somesuch (not the footbal team)

Bright Ambassador said...

God, there was an awful lot of black and white TV on in 1973, wasn't there? I was only two so don't recall it.

I thought Belle and Sebastien were a terrible Scottish band?

Ishouldbeworking said...

"Tiger' from the Double Deckers (that's Debbie Russ t you) went to my school. She was a few years above me so she'd be about 47 now. She loved it if you followed her around in a huge pack going "where's my tiger, where's my tiger". Happy days.

Casey Jones isn't as handsome as I remember him, so thanks a lot for that, VS.

You might also have squeezed in 'H.R Puff'n'stuff', but I think that was on ITV so perhaps you weren't allowed to watch it because you were quite posh.

And I don't remember that thing with the helicopters, so it obviously didn't exist.

Five-Centres said...

I've just beaten up my brother and been sent to my room.

BPP said...

You should be in line for an award with this post. 'Laziest YouTube Embedment Of The Year'.

No wonder everyone bangs on about you being a great blogger with posts of this quality.

You lazy bastard.

John Q Wagonwheel said...

I wasn't even to be conceived for 15 years. Or born for 16. Plus you're James Blunt for picking 1973

Heavenly Demise said...

I feel old now.