Sunday, 6 April 2008

Poetry Corner #2

And they said it wouldn't last! A visitation from my muse has brought fresh inspiration, so you lucky souls get a second dose of 'my undeniable genius' © All rights Reserved

This one's a little more challenging than the last one, and plumbs almost unheard of depths of the human psyche, so don't worry if the nausea kicks in before the end of the first stanza.

British Summertime by Valentine Suicide (Poet)

Avast ye, Derek, lamb chop feast,
Come hither 'neath the Rhine,
And rest your evil succubus,
against a withered vine.

Whilst kneeling awkward, hinterland,
force gentle swans to bear,
brief dentists, snowmen on a beach,
and elders into care.

Pork soldiers, ferrets eat the moon,
and dance among the dead,
light porridge, frost and dangers lost,
rest weary in me head.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good poem. Strange, but good in a different sort of way.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I adored your witty nod to Ovid, and your sly reference to Sean O'Casey, whilst at the same time you retain an essential individuality. Your style has matured and developed since your earlier work, and whilst sacrificing a certain jejeune naivete, has more than compensated with its authoritative, confident imagery.

The Brighton Festival is coming up - I reckon I could get you a residence. You could easily become part of the Station Ensemble, a group of very witty and challenging Brighton Street Poets, who perform on a Friday night after pub chuck-out and have provoked some very intense reactions by pretending to be annoying drunks. Their theme this year is 'Tibet', which I think you'll agree is very brave. You up for it, then? Knock off a couple of ditties about the Dalai Lama, and you're in.

Clair said...

'Pork soldiers'

*Runs away, sniggering*

John Q Wagonwheel said...

I preferred you back when noone else knew about you. FAME HAS GONE TO YOUR HEAD.

BPP said...

That was worse than the last one. Can't you go back to posting pictures of dogs on an irregular basis?

Planet Mondo said...

I've been away for a bit so am catching up - did you say guitar?

I've been playing for years - but only ever reached bronze survival level. I'll never make gold, I'm too busy treading water.

Here's a couple of tips though.

Check out youtube for lessons.
Everything you need to know is on there.

Learn songs you like.
By a songbook or look for tab by a band you're 'into' - If you don't like it, it's a struggle to learn it.

It's not maths.
There's no formula - it's not academic. Pick a blues tune of 3 chords and change chord/jam along -it's the best way to get get the vibe and free up your playing.

You can check out some of my guitar based guff here....

Valentine Suicide said...

Well Teeny Poet and ISBW understood it. The rest of you are philistines!

Woo - Do grow-up! This is serious adult poetry..

BPP- done!

PM- Yes I've been mining Youtube and for tips and tabs.
I'm very clumsy and cackhanded, and haven't improved much in the six weeks since i started, but enjoy it so I don't really care.

My current reportoire is:-
Wish You were Here by PF
To The Sea by Suede
Persuasion by Tim Finn
Want by Rufus Wainwright