Saturday, 17 May 2008

Wish you were here.

Hello.  I'm back.  I knew I should have gone for two weeks.

I've been here (the cottage on the right),

which I'm sure would be some people's idea of holiday hell.  It's in the middle of nowhere, three miles from the nearest village (a few houses, and a shop that doesn't sell much) and twenty miles from the nearest town (which is more like a village).  The building on the left is the ruined shell of a gothic mansion house, and is incredibly spooky at dusk.  If you follow the track around Castle McDracula, for a quarter of a mile you reach a beautiful little loch.  You should really get yourself up there, it's stunning.

We had a great time.  we saw red squirrels, mutant hares the size of dogs, tame robins and game birds, wild deer and very, very few people.  Unlike England, you actually have the right to walk on this land AND are free to boat and swim in the rivers and lochs. 

I took the evil hounds of hell for a walk, on my return home across an English 'public' footpath.  That is a four foot wide fenced off muddy track in what used to be public access countryside, until someone got greedy and sold the land so that Jocasta can keep her bloody pony and practice her bloody gymkhana in private.  BAH!

Anyway, I'd say it's good to be back.  But it isn't.


John Q Wagonwheel said...

Looks nice, though if you'd wanted an AuthenticTM experience you'd have camped out in the creepy old house. Shame there's all that felled forest in the foreground, rather mars the view. The kayaking looked fun though, despite only having an inflatable banana-boat at hand.

In general lots o' fun.

Welcome back, more dogs please.

Heavenly Demise said...

Looks firmliar I think I've been there...(thinks)

Mr H said...

Good riddance, ya Sassenach barsteward, coming up here with your hoity toity ideas about hygeine and manners, tramping over good Scotch land like the Evil English Aggressors always do.

Unlike the honest Scotch folk, who like nothing better than a wee midweek break to Lancashire to recharge the batteries. We'll mebbe tek in a game of footie, engage in some boyish banter with the locals, or set fire to the city.

We're on and out, and you wouldnae ken we'd even been.

Valentine Suicide said...

Alas, JQW, camping near the house is a no-no. Inside the shell all the floors have caved in and it's pretty dangerous. The felled forest IS a shame. Last time I was there in 2001 that was all trees and full of deer.

HD, it's Dunalastair near Kinloch Rannoch, if that helps jog the memory?

Mr H, I wondered where all the bally Scotch were? There was no-one there to carry my bags, or to butle for me! I guessed what had happened when I turned on the BBC and saw this news footage...

Thumper Plowman said...

Hold on there Mr H, Tourism is very important for the Scottish economy; the fact is that we need millionaire stockbrokers like VS holidaying in our parts.

After all, what's the alternative? We decapitate English tourists and fire their heads back into Englandshire from cannons? That idea keeps coming up - and I'm not against it, mind - but until a cannon is developed that will reach England from places like Glencoe and Loch Ness, transportation costs will be prohibitive. So let's go with Tourism for the time being.

Glad you had a great time, VS.

BPP said...

'Millionaire stock-brokers', my foot! Dole-scrounging theif, more like! Pah!

That holiday looks awful. Where are the whores? The drugs? The slave-traders? The casions?

You wouldn't know a proper holiday if it booted you up the backside, you deceitful benefits cheat.

BPP said...

That should have been 'thief'. Sorry, I'm drunk.

Heavenly Demise said...

VS, I know why it looked firmiliar...the trees, I've been somewhere with trees. Well I'm glad that's sorted out I was beginning to worry!

Mr H said...

Never mind that!

It's Wet puppies day @ ASAAD!

Oh, yes...

Five-Centres said...

Holiday heaven, indeed.

Welcome back.