Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Come on Andy..

I was lucky enough to be invited to Wimbledon yesterday. More precisely we had tickets for Centre Court for day seven. All day.
That means I witnessed Roger Federer beating Layton Hewitt and getting through to the next round. I also enjoyed Agnieszka Radwanska keeping her composure to beat Svetlana Kuznetsova. Then I went for a lovely afternoon tea before return for the main event. One Andy Murray versus Richard Gasquet.

I settled in for what turned out to be an average first set, and then a disappointing second set.
He looked dead and buried by the middle of the third set, but then came the epic fight back WHICH WAS GREAT*.

*I know this because I heard it on Five Live in the car on the way back. Having decided he was finished we left to beat the traffic. Ho Hum.


John Q Wagonwheel said...

What IS your mystery job?

Ishouldbeworking said...


I'm not a tennis fan, but I suspect this may have been the sporty equivalent of having left the Pistols gig at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester because you were worried about missing the last tram.

Still, the Russian ladies are nice, aren't they?

Valentine Suicide said...

John, I'm Crown Prince Ludwig of Freedonia.

ISBW, don't rub it in please. I didn't laugh at you when accidentally got expelled from that Lighthouse Family concert. You were inconsolable as I recall....

John Q Wagonwheel said...

Incidentally, I find Wimbledon fucking tedious. It's almost as bad as cricket.

Matthew Rudd said...

Were you one of those lawless types disturbing Murray with flash photography as he prepared to serve?

Hope so.

Dominion said...

I watched the last 3 sets. Murray was something...unfortuantly that something was missing when he played that Spanish powerhouse Nadal.