Friday, 11 July 2008

Where do you go to my lovely...

Is this blog still updated? Who by? Ah yes, that'd be me then...
It's been a while, but life has a habit of getting in the way.
To get me back in the swing here's a list of songs on the vsPod that are currently have me hitting the 'replay' at least once:-

The Zombies - Time of the Season
Lovely. Probably overused and overplayed but lovely. Especially now, in the summer, when you're out in the fields, under a tree sheltering from the rain . Trying not to get struck by lightning.

The Who - I Can't Explain
I hate The Who. Almost as much as I hate The Stones. This is just irresistable. Makes me want to storm the beaches of Brighton and up a bit of litter.

Elvis Presley - King Creole
A song about jelly roll, meat and greens. None the worse for it in my worthless opinion.

Fleetwood Mac - Man of the World
"..and there's no-one I'd rather be. I just wish that I'd never been born" Ego and self loathing clash in this piece of genius about 'pretty girls'. Now let's get Stevie Nicks in...

Neil Finn - She Will Have Her Way
'e'd have given old Lennon and McCartney a run for the money in the sweet melody and deft lyrics stakes. His brother and son can turn their hand to it when requested as well..

British Sea Power -Lights Out For Darker Skies
Second only to Elbow in my albums of the year. Yan dreamy etc.

Elbow - The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
Second to no-one in my albums of the year (like anyone cares). A bit mournful this one, which I like.

Heavy Trash - Crazy Pritty Baby
Jon Spencer does Eddie Cochrane. Mad and brilliant.

David Bowie - The Supermen
I've got this as a bonus track on what is probably my all time favourite album (like anyone cares), Hunky Dory. The Dame sounding like the bastard son of Anthony Newley and Syd Barratt.

The Velvet Undergound - Sweet Jane
I read somewhere that Lou Reed thought The Cowboy Junkies cover of this was an improvement. Far be it from me to disagree with Lou, but he's wrong.


John Q Wagonwheel said...

Nice dog photo.

Clair said...

Almost the whole of The Zombies' Odyssey and Oracle album sums up a British summer (with the exception of Beechwood Park, which is about a hot, sunny day).

John Q Wagonwheel said...

(Heavy Trash are brilliant, by the way.)

Ishouldbeworking said...

That Fleetwood Mac song...does it start "Let me tell you about my life..."?

If so, it's the musical equivalent of being cornered at a party by some insufferable self-pitying bore, who chews your ear off about how his wife doesn't understand him because she gave him a hard time just 'cos he blew the holiday money on some scuba-diving gear that he, like, really needed, and it's really hard work staying married at the best of times isn't it, and hey, you're really easy to talk to, I feel like I've known you for years, hey, you're not going, are you...BITCH!

But Yan really IS dreamy, you're right about that.

Mr H said...

Cheesus Kerrist - it's like walking into the Mojo magazine office on bring your Dad to work day.

I'm off somewhere more interesting.

Which will be anywhere.

Valentine Suicide said...

Actually. ISBW, let me tell you about MY life..
...ISBW?.....ISBW?... rats, I was in there.