Thursday, 21 August 2008

Edge of reason?

Ok. Even by my standards this is lax. I just got around to watching the first couple of episodes of BBC's landmark drama Edge of Darkness, some twenty six years after it first aired. I may have mentioned before that I'm not too good with scheduled TV. Anyway, good job I'd hung onto the Beta videocassettes and player, otherwise I'd have had nothing to watch last night.

Does anyone remember this six parter? Is it me, or is it slightly odd? A man who has just witnessed his only daughter's murder just ups and leaves Yorkshire for London to solve it ,with barely a moment of grief, pausing only to kiss her vibrator? Is this the way people behaved in 1985?

I can't wait for episode three.

Sorry, an ever shorter 'badly written TV review'. If you can even call it that?
As a consolation, here's yet another dog picture.


BPP said...

Ho ho! Thank you, Valentine. I've changed my will to include you. When I'm gone, you get my underpants.

Five-Centres said...

I have to say I started watching it, but when he gets involved with Joe Don Baker it all takes a bit of a surreal turn and I decided I'd watch it another time. So far, I've not gone back to it.

I wonder why it's meant to be one of the finest dramas of all time.

Planet Mondo said...

I'm way behind with TV viewing - I'm only just catching up on Seinfeld (his horse face put me off for years) - and just hoofing through a 1994 series at the mo'. Bit odd seeing the sets dressed with VHS cassettes, clunky ol' computers and answer machines.