Thursday, 14 August 2008


..but my motivation has been low this last week. I'm in serious need of another holiday.
All I've done this last week is watched imported American TV. I have a new favourite. It's called Burn Notice and I'm not sure if it has aired or even will air in the UK. It's about a spy, Michael Westen, who's been 'burned' by his employers at Langley. That's to say he's been fired and cut off, and they could well be trying to kill him. Whilst trying to get to the bottom of this back story, he has to earn a crust, which he does by helping the citizens of Miami with their problems. it's all very undemanding and jokey. Pitched somewhere around Moonlighting, Magnum and The A Team, with a maybe a flavour of Christopher Nolan's Memento. It has Jeffrey Donavan in the lead, with solid support from Gabrielle Anwar (dubious Irish accent though), Sharon Gless and the peerless Bruce 'If Chins Could Kill' Campbell as his burned out sidekick.

Anyway, I liked it and watched the whole first season in the last week.

As all I've been able to muster is a very short 'badly written TV review' this week, here's a picture of a dog.


BPP said...

Is that dog just about to take a shit?

Piers Moron said...

Recording cutting remarks, social commentary and the general dislike of Piers fucking Morgan -