Saturday, 2 August 2008

New Celebrity Quiz

I see that worthless fiend Perry is threatening us with more of his puerile quizzes over the coming days.

Well I thought I'd dazzle you with another of my REAL quizzes before you get dragged into another one of his sleazy shams to win a non-existent Vauxhall Allegro.

My regular reader will know that I support the same football club as Rock Legend Robert Plant, and see him occasionally as we make our way to our seats. Today, at the pre-season friendly with Blackburn Rovers (Wolves 4 Blackburn 2, I thank you) he joined the line I was queuing in for refreshments.

So on to my Celebrity Rock God Killer Question for a REAL PRIZE

What was Mr Plant buying?

a) A Yorkie Bar?

b) A refreshing Oasis Summer Fruits beverage?

c) A perennial Black Country staple Balti Pie?

d) A Pasty?

e) A Stairway to Heaven?

The prize for our lucky winner will be one of whatever it was that Percy bought. Please be sure to leave you name, full address and any dates for planned holidays/weekends away with your answer.

I fully expect a 'What was Valentine Suicide Buying?' quiz to appear here by the end of the day, so, as a bonus, I bought a pasty.

Good luck!


John Q Wagonwheel said...

Did he have such remarkable taste as yourself? Was he also buying a pasty?

I'll be away for 3 week starting Tuesday. I've left a key under the mat but I'm guessing noone will think to look there. I've left that stack of bank notes and plasma screen TVs what I didn't have time to put in the bank into easily portable duffle bags and left them in the hallway. So keep all of this a secret, yeah?

Mr H said...

Well, what with Mr Plant being a notorious hippy liberal panty waist, it would have to be the fruit based drink for the ladies.

[sent from my Blackberry on route to Wagonwheels house]

Ishouldbeworking said...

I reckon he'd go for something good, rich and thick. A milk chocolate brick, in fact. But I'd quite like a Balti Pie myself, so can you just fix it so I win.

Please send pies to ISBW, a tent behind the bins. The Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

Dominion said...

Damn, Mr H beat me to it...the blighter!

BPP said...

This quiz is shit. Where's the glamour? Where's the glitz? Where's the exciting opportunity to win a brand new 1975 Austin Allegro?


I imagine that old fart Plant was buying a football ground pie containing that mysterious, gristly substance the vendors describe as 'meat'.

Clair said...

B AND C. A lovely meal, wouldn't you agree?

Planet Mondo said...

I reckon A - it sounds the safest bet digestivally.

I was at a gig last year (Dion at Blow Up)and Percy was there. I would've said hello, but had to shoot off to catch the last train home. When I got the station, I found I still had an hour to spare as I hadn't put my watch back the previous weekend!
*cue - offstage donkey sounds and wah wah wah wahhh trumpet noise*

Valentine Suicide said...

The answer is A. That SHOULD make Mondo the winner. The fact that isbw was NEARLY right and has 'got something on me' means the Balti pie is on it's way to the bins of Brighton (where it belongs).

John Q Wagonwheel said...

That was a bit of an anticlimax, what?

Planet Mondo said...

I don't mind - I only really like the Raisin and Biscuit ones (a bit like Cadburys 'Country Style')- but not sure if they still make them, anyway.

Valentine Suicide said...

Anti-climax is my middle name, JQW. At least my quizzes have integrity and REAL prizes. Unlike certain other quizzes I could mention.

Which reminds me, Perry - DISQUALIFIED.

BPP said...

Readers of this pitiful site might be relieved to know the competition Valentine mentions in this post is now up and running. If you wish to see an end to the bloodshed in the Middle East AND win a fantastic two-week holiday to Afghanistan, go here and play my brand new board game. Believe me, it'll more fun than reading this idiot's drivel.