Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ok. Two days like this a year'll see me right.


Beth said...

They were good then?

Next Thursday, Manchester Apollo is my 'Day'.

Bright Ambassador said...

Hoo-hoo! I'm going tonight!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Your recent Rapture Rate for gigs seems to be running at 100%, VS. Let's see if Dean Friedman does anything to change it.

Valentine Suicide said...

BA, I'm inclined to think you'll enjoy it.

Beth, your 'Scattered Black and Whites' drought may end?

isbw. DUET!

Beth said...

Dean Friedman is next Saturday, Liverpool.

"you mean you're not just being nice?" is the line I'm working on. It's so difficult to get the timing right.

Beth said...

Scattered Black & Whites!!!!

(btw, we've a spare ticket for Dean Friedman tomorrow night...suppose it's a bit short notice really...)

Valentine Suicide said...

Alas Beth, my working commitments would have made it impossible AND I missed the opportunity to see him down here. Come on, he was rubbish. Wasn't he? I hear he's only got one friend on Lastfm?

Beth said...

He was not rubbish.

(and it's quality not quantity, you know.)