Thursday, 16 October 2008

Post-gig takeaway chat

Jack and VS are sitting on a garden bench, twenty feet away from the counter of the local Chinese Takeaway.  VS is passing the time whispering cruel, untrue remarks about the 'his 'n hers' moustaches of the young couple reading the menu at the counter.  Jack is looking at the 'Upcoming Events' leaflet from the venue they have just left...

VS: "...I swear hers is thicker?"
Jack: " What about Hold Steady?
VS: "Wha?"
Jack: " The Hold Steady are playing"
VS: "That was a couple of weeks back"
Jack: "It's been resheduled, it's in December"
VS "Yeah, Ok if you wanna..."
Jack: "..and Glasvegas?"
VS: "I'm game.  Are there any tickets left?"
Jack: "I'll check.."
VS "They're a bit Jesus and Mary Chain aren't they?"
Jack: "Dunno, who are they?  One of your old mans bands?..."
VS: "Bollocks.."
VS "Are you up for Dean Friedman?"
Jack: "That old guy you were on about from the seventies who had the one utterly awful hit single?"
VS: "Yeah, that's him"
Jack: "Why do you want to go?"
VS: "Just curious I guess"
Jack: "Sixteen quid's a bit much for ME to pay to satisfy your curiousity"
VS "hmmm"
Jack: "Here's one..", his lip trembles slighty, 
" month",  his face contorts a bit..
VS :"Who?"
Jack: "Razorlight"
VS: "Razorlight?"
Jack: "Yep.."

A slight pause..

Jack: "HAHAHA!"
VS: "You crack me up sometimes, Jack!"
Jack: "I thought you'd like that"

VS: "So, what about Dean Friedman...?"


Ishouldbeworking said...

It's weird how sound distorts at night, isn't it? I was lurking under that very bench, hoping to lick up some spring roll scraps, and I'd have sworn it was the old geezer who suggested Razorlight, not the young pup.

Glad you set the record straight.

Valentine Suicide said...

shhhhh, isbw, shhhhhhh...

*starts rocking gently, singing softly to self;

"Uh Uh Oh, somethin 'bout America
Uh Uh Oh, thingies in America
Uh Uh Oh, Donkeys in America
uh Uh Oh...."*

Five-Centres said...

What's wrong with Dean Friedman? So popular is he, that I just sold an ancient greatest hits on eBay for £29.

Valentine Suicide said...

''What's wrong with Dean Friedman?''

You tell me FC? I'm trying to talk people into going to see him live. You're selling his records!