Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ten Years Older...

 least that's how I feel having had to sit through 'Ten Years Younger'.  Is this what passes for entertainment in the Twenty Century?  

If you haven't seen it, well known household product Myleene Klass* attempts to bore the wrinkles out of some poor old sod who's smoked to many B&H whilst sunning themself in Marbella every year for the last thirty years.

Perhaps I'm being to hard.  I suppose it does make the vict...erm..participant feel better about themselves?  Maybe improves the quality of their life?

Needing to find out  I, VS, decided to make a lucky individual look TEN YEARS YOUNGER!
I chose my nephew, Tom.  Unfortunately he's only six.  I haven't seen him since.

*fomerly known as 'Windowlene'

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