Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hypocrite #2

Remember this?
Yeah! That's me, sticking it to Steve Gates, or whatever his name is. Not gonna buy your fruit based electronic devices. ESPECIALLY NOT AN IPOD!

Except I got one as gift, and of course fell in love with it. My Creative Zen fell by the wayside, and the 30gb iPod Classic took over and went everywhere with me.

That is until one day I left it within striking distance of this:-

A few well placed crunches, and it was gone for good. I replaced it, with spanking new silver 80gb model, which became my new constant complanion. Paired with a nice set of Denon in-earphones I was well chuffed with my mobile listening experience. (Obviously not using the limiting iTunes store!).

I've been in the market for a new computer, and last weekend was drawn back to Apple and their beautiful but overpriced boxes. I was seriously thinking about leaving my flexible PC's behind me, and crossing over.

That is until my lovely silver 80gb iPod revealed a new feature to me.

The ability for the hard disk to fail twenty days after the expiration of it's warranty. It'll cost £100 to repair, plus post and packing. Which will bring me fairly close to the cost of a brand new replacement.

So you can stick your beautiful machines and your exemplary recycling policy, Bill Jobs! (or whatever your name is).


lauragc said...

I feel your pain VS, my 4 year old ipod has been undergoing some surgery of late, it has a sad ipod icon on the screen and apparently is highly unlikely to recover. I didn't realise how attached I was to it. Bloody Apple, I do not like them.

Ishouldbeworking said...

What's that, Mr Jobs? You'll crush that pathetic bum VS like a bug beneath your shoe? You'll squeeze his innards out through his eyeballs? And you'll whistle 'Dixie' while you do it?


Gosh, Mr Jobs, that's a bit heavy.

Word Verification - 'ungut'. You should be cacking yourself, mate.

Valentine Suicide said...

Well Laura, I've already done the dirty deed and replaced it. My good lady reminded me that it was in a bag that fell down the stairs, just prior to its demise, so I may have been a little harsh.

ISBW, you're talking to billionaires that aren't there again. Heal thyself.