Thursday, 10 September 2009

Moon Unit

Anyone seen Moon? The film directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell.

Got massive acclaim but no distribution. Looks like I’m going to have to wait for the DVD.

Anyone know how Duncan came to decide on the name Duncan? It’s ‘overknown’ that he entered the world as Zowie Bowie, which is obviously a ridiculous name to impose on a child.

Bowie Snr came to his senses in the eighties, and Zowie gently became Joe, which I thought perfectly respectable. At what point did he become Duncan then? And why?

Just Curious..


sazerac said...
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Alan said...

Duncan Jones is actually his legal name. "Duncan Zowie Hayward Jones." Jones being his father's original surname. Hayward was the name of his father's father.

He was Joe in his teens and decided to use his legal name around 18 when he went off to college.

I've seen the ad for WhiteOut 100 times. I never saw one single ad for Moon even though it did play here in New Orleans. Yet I never saw anybody work so hard trying to sell their movie. There just was no budget.

Mondo said...

Grab Shadow of The Moon while you're at it 90 minute docu on the history of Apollo - the 50 minute extras are possibly better than the film

And this is meant to a be a cracker

Bright Ambassador said...

I hate it when a film gets tons of coverage but no distibution. I bet it was shown in London village.
Anyway, getting the DVD is cheaper than going to the pictures these days.
Take The Damned United, a tenner on Amazon. That's cheaper than a night at the flicks, and all the crap it entails.

Valentine Suicide said...

Thanks for the info, Alan. It never occurred to me that Duncan was his actual given name.

It got little publicity here, though Duncan was all over radio and TV because of who he is, rather than because he'd made an interesting and intelligent film.

Ishouldbeworking said...

He was named after Peter Duncan, you know.

Valentine Suicide said...

So was I. True story..