Friday, 15 February 2008

I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name

Can YOU beat the two extraordinarily unimpressive celebrities I've met? They're celebrities that are guaranteed to elicit the response, "Oh, hell's bells! What's his bloody name?" You know who they are, you just don't know their name, or whether it was Casualty or The Bill you saw 'em in last. They are:

John AsherOriginal presenter of Tiswas. I have no idea if he ever did anything else.


Maureen off of Driving School. who I haven't actually met, but for the purpose of this blog I am pretending to have met.

So, can you beat my tally of two unimpressive celebrities intercepted? They better be pretty damned unimpressive because I reckon I'm holding a strong hand 'ere.

Please note this is a totally original quiz and is copyright Valentine Suicide 1992 when I first thought of it. It has absolutely nothing to do with sour grapes and/or bitterness and/or one-upmanship after my scandalous disqualification from this fixed outrage of a competition for unauthorised use of Chris Barrie. I thank you.


Bright Ambassador said...

I met Bill Maynard when he was famous for Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggat! As he signed his autograph, he said to me "Eh, magic, our Morris" as was his catchphrase at the time.

I also used to have regular encounters with The Monkees' Mickey Dolenz. A very nice man, especially if you can find the orange juice for him.

My mum used to work with Norman Pace's mum. He was in Hale and Pace.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I once met Kenny Ball in a grocer's shop in Ilford. He was extraordinarily rude to the Asian woman behind the counter.

And I met the drummer from the Rubettes in a travel agents' nearby. Not all in the same year though; that would be TOO heady.

To get REALLY Z-list, though - one of my sisters briefly went out with the man who was in the first 'Lockets' advert (he had to sniff, and pull a face to the effect of 'ooh me throat hurts'. Not as easy as it sounds).

I'm impressed by Micky Dolenz.

BPP said...

Bright Ambassador - You can hardly describe the drummer from The Monkees as an 'oh what the bloody hell's his name' celebrity, can you? Maynard's borderline - it would have to go to a judge's decision. As for Norman Pace's mother? Well, no. She doesn't tick one of the boxes in MY QUIZ THIS BASTARD VALENTINE'S STOLEN LOCK, STOCK, AND BARREL FROM MY SITE.

ishouldbeworking - Again, like Bright Ambassador, you've failed to understand the rules of the Underwhelming Celebrity Encounter Competition THIS LAZY SWINE HAS 'ALF-INCHED FROM ME. Kenny Ball's not a 'give me a minute, give me a minute' celebrity, and the bloke from the Lockets advert isn't a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination.

As you both failed to either supply decent, unimpressive celebrities, or enter them in the quiz THIS WORKSHY LAGGARD HAS LIFTED OFF MY SITE BECAUSE HE FAILED TO UNDERSTAND THE RULES AND GOT HIMSELF KICKED OUT, I have no choice but to declare you both:


Valentine Suicide said...

My quiz, BPP, my rules.

BA, isbw, you've both done very well and we're all at number one on the leaderboard.

Perry you're DISQUALIFIED!

(oooh the power)

BPP said...

You can't disqualify me from my own quiz, you arse. And where's your leaderboard, eh? Where's your massively disappointing star prize? Eh? This is a sham! You're worse than a thief, Valentine, you're a Nazi thief. DAMN YOU!

Ishouldbeworking said...

I feel sullied.

BPP said...

You wouldn't have been sullied if Valentine hadn't disqualified you by proxy, the quiz-thieving turd.

Valentine Suicide said...

No need to feel sullied, isbw, you're top of my newly created digital iLeaderboard, from Apple AND in line for a massively disappointing star prize. It's all to play for...

Mr H said...

Well as I've been disqualified everywhere else, what about;

South Milford's very own Stage & TV personality, Rosemarie Ford! Barely remembered as "the one off the Generation Game who wasn't Isla St. Clair."

And what about Isla St. Clair, barely remembered as "the one off the Generation Game who wasn't Rosemarie Ford."

Eh? I've met both of them, sadly not at the same time, or in the biblical sense. Apart from in my Photoshop archive.

Valentine Suicide said...

That puts you firmly in SECOND place Mr H. It's really enough to get you first, but John Q made me an offer I couldn't refuse...

copenhagen said...

The person shown is not John Asher but is, instead, Peter Tomlinson, another sometime Tiswas presenter who was more often seen on local news programmes on ATV in the '70s.