Monday, 23 February 2009

Brand loyalty

I was talking to a girl the other day, who threw in a line about her partner "lovin' his labels", referring to, I assume, designer logos on clothes.  I was a bit dismissive of this, telling her I had no such pretensions, and I had far more depth, unaffected as I was by the lure of having Giorgio Moroder sewn to my lapel or Jean Claude van Damme on my jeans.   I would wear whatever I liked, and would be more likely not buy something, rather than saunter around giving some poncy fashion house the benefit of MY free advertising.
I wandered off feeling very superior and sat with a smug grin on my face for about a week.
Until someone left a comment under a Facebook photo of mine, and I had to reconsider.

It said "sponsored by Berghaus"  
I realised that I actually do buy brands consistently.  Not necessarily 'designers', but I do get it into my head that if I'm buying something in a category such as outerwear I do always opt for the same manufacturer.  

The above four pairs of shoes, all in current rotation, are all mine (note my spectacular diversity of style, fashion-watchers).  I bought three of them and they're all Clark's.  Not exactly the height of haute couture, but I always buy Clark's Gore-Tex shoes.  Because they keep my feet dry.  The other pair are Timberlands, light as a feather, but as useless as sandals at keeping the water out. (Yes, I do have a pair of sandals. Yes, they are made by Clark's).

I'm starting to think this has always been with me.  Until I was about thirty, I wouldn't wear any other jeans than Levi's.  Then I was bought a pair of Diesels and liked them better.  I haven't really switched loyalty, as I no longer really wear jeans.  My fondness for Leiderhosen MUST BE REALISED!

So what about you, 21st century consumers?  Are you as shallow as me?


Clair said...

I don't think you're quite a bling-bling kid yet, VS. You seem to buy stuff because it's good, not because of who makes it. I have no loyalty to any labels - apart from always buying my pants at Marks.

Planet Mondo said...

I'm a terror for Converse almost to the point of chills, fever and any excuse to grab another pair - Then there's guitars and related kit (best not to even start on that)

Valentine Suicide said...

You're with me then, Woo? It's ok to do it if it's about quality?

I'm not adverse to a pair of All-Stars myself PM (I have two pairs). Though I find them a bit flimsy.. It's good fun to count how many pairs you see at gigs.

As for guitars, I've already got a bit of a mental alliance with Gibson-Epi/Martin and wouldn't really entertain going for, say, Fender/Taylor.
Having said that my brand loyalty was tested in this area recently by all those photo's of Madonna, which are emulated here by Debbie Mc-bloody-Gee. Recognise the guitar?

Valentine Suicide said...

I should also point out (in case my Mrs is reading this), for the stability of my relationship, I will ABSOLUTELY NOT* be buying any more guitars.

*for a while.

BPP said...

You own four pairs of shoes? All at once?


Crapsack said...

You lost me on 'I was talking to a girl'

Ishouldbeworking said...

Agnes B and Nicole Farhi. Not that I have much of either, and am mildly ashamed of loving both (but they REALLY suit me and they FIT!). I feel like Kim Novak when I wear them. Do your worst.

I think of Clark's shoes as the faithful old labrador of the footwear world. Always been there, snuffling around. Reliable temperament, no big thrills or spills. Smells a bit but lasts a long time.

Diesel make great jeans, but unfortunately they use blind Sri Lankan ten-year-olds to make them with. May your conscience go with you.

BPP said...

Never mind what Valentine's banging on about! If YOU want to win HUNDREDS OF CASH PRIZES, a brand new 1975 four door family saloon, or a job you don't want in an ABATTOIR, you need to leave this nonsense and come and play Triveration! NOW! NOW, GOD DAMN YOU!

Bright Ambassador said...

I have a fondness for shoes by Merrell and Puma.
My grundies only come from M&S. That's about it. Oh, and Next jeans 'cos they look okay and are pretty decent quality 'at an affordable price'.
But I'm with you otherwise. And Next and M&S are hardly 'labels' are they?

What about replica football shirts? I refuse to wear them. Why would I want to go round advertising Capital One credit cards? Besides, I have a thing about unathletic people wearing athletic clothing (oops, I wear Puma trainers). The allegiance to my club is shown by a small yet stylish metal lapel badge. And the constant look of pain on my fizzogg.

Valentine Suicide said...

Football shirts are an absolute no-no (as is ANYTHING bearing the logo FCUK, ugh!), BA. Although I do own a pre-sponsorship one from the seventies (bought and manufactured in around 2005), which is basically just a gold cotton t-shirt with WWFC in black...