Monday, 23 March 2009


You've seen the film.  Robert Thorn starts getting hounded by a crazy looking priest about his son being the Anti-Christ?  
Well, I'm not sure about the imminent arrival of little Damien, but I'm pretty sure I've picked up on one of the signs of the impending End of the World.

Read about it here,  keep your eyes open for other signs and, if necessary, go and hassle Gregory Peck.

I'm not mad*

*I might be a bit mad. Though not in an eighties Radio One DJ kind of way.


Ishouldbeworking said...

What if I perform a Black Mass on the site of the original Blitz Club? Will that stop them? Or does Tony Hadley have to be impaled on an old-fashioned window opening pole? Either way, this can't be allowed to happen.

Valentine Suicide said...

I suggest we reconvene the Immortal Council of 'Them', isbw.

Meet me on the mound under the bridge by the crypt near the centotaph next to the tomb where old whatsisface is buried. Bring cake.

Tread carefully Ol' Bean. Mysterious forces are at work again. Japan will have to wait.

(Bring cake)

Five-Centres said...

Oh. I thought you'd be pleased. I'd bought two tickets.

You can't fault Through The Barricades.

Matthew Rudd said...

I interviewed Gary Kemp on the radio for a whole hour when that deluxe box set thing was released a few years back. He was great.

As for the reformation (ho ho, see what I did there, Spandau fans?) I'm a bit nonplussed, surprisingly. I obviously liked them at the time, but there is next to nothing in their back catalogue post-1981 I've ever been really keen on. Apart from Gold. That's a great song.